From the Director
Dear CHESS Community,

I hope this letter finds you well as you wind down for the holidays. While we eagerly await 2023 and a fresh start, I hope you have time to relax and reflect on your accomplishments this past year.

At CHESS, we are reflecting on the accomplishments of this past year and the past several years. Years of hard work that laid the foundation for a brighter future at CHESS.
Past efforts have enabled us to begin construction of the New Experimental Hall for the High Magnetic Field (HMF) Beamline, which will continue through next year. Careful, detailed planning for this construction project prepared us to meet an intense construction schedule with minimal disruptions to user operations. 
As we look back on these tremendous efforts, we also look forward to when the HMF beamline will go live. Graduate students, with CHESS scientists as their mentors, have begun performing experiments at synchrotrons around the world, collaborating with international experts to develop the techniques and tools that will be needed at the HMF Beamline. These investments are creating a bright future for both CHESS and scientific research.
We are grateful for the not-so-distant CHESS-U upgrade, which positioned CHESS and the Cornell Electron Storage Ring to perform in a new timing mode. This new 9x1 timing mode has been successfully commissioned and positions CHESS as a premier international facility for time-resolved imaging, diffraction, and spectroscopy measurements with high-energy x-rays with sub-nanosecond resolution.
As we continue building on our previous achievements, I am excited to learn what the future will bring for all of us at CHESS. One thing is certain: the future promises to be brighter than ever.
Wishing everyone a restful and joyous holiday season and best wishes for 2023.
Joel Brock, Director, CHESS (email Joel)
Issue No. 102 2022.12.20