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December 2019
Cruise Abaco will open April 1st check out our website and monthly newsletters for updates on the fleet and more.
What's Open in Abaco?
Great Abaco Beach resort (Boat Harbour Marina) where Cruise Abaco's base is located is scheduled for
re-opening April 1st. There will be a big celebration
more news to come!
A Big Thank You!!!
HUGE shout out to Longdoggers Eateries and the community of Brevard County for helping us get a roof back on, Materials have been ordered, we are on our way......Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Thanks to Samaritian Purse for all your help in our community for ourselves as well as outlying Cays, you all have been angels! 
To our friends, you know who you are, that organized Abaco Relief under the tree with all the items that are much needed like tools, ice chests, sheets and towels and hygiene products that are all so necessary to keep us all healthy and safe!
And most of all to our Dear Guests and Friends who donated to the Cruise Abaco Staff fund that without your help there was no way we could support and continue to support our staff thru these difficult times while Mark & I focus on the re-building of our business and our lives so that we can all return to work and welcome you all with open arms and grateful humble hearts! God Bless Us Everyone!