The Feminist Northern Network would like to wish you and your community a healthy, happy holiday season.

Explore the North this Holiday Season

Over the past couple of years there has been a lot of learning about Canada's North. This includes learning and sharing between northern and southern communities, as well as north-to-north network building. Beyond the work of FemNorthNet on economic restructuring and diverse women's roles, challenges, and innovative programming in northern Canada, other groups have been looking into topics such as northern cultures, climate change, northern trade, and governance.

This holiday season, FemNorthNet brings you a selection of videos, podcasts, and stories that have documented northern development and change. There's something for everyone: children, youth, and adults. Take a moment during your holidays to learn more about the expansive and diverse Canadian North!

TV Series
A videographer sits besides an Inuit woman as their boat speeds over open Arctic waters.
Still frame from "Polar Sea 360�"
Polar Sea 360�

Documents the travels of three Swedish sailors through the Northwest Passage and their interactions with scientists investigating climate change, communities coping with it, northern artists reflecting upon it, and the rich and tragic history of Arctic exploration. Check out the trailer for the series and get an overview of the episodes on their website.

The Mushuau Innu - An APTN Series


APTN's Ossie Michelin explores efforts to revive the Mushuau Innu culture in Labrador. After being relocated to Davis Inlet, which lacked basic infrastructure, and struggling to adapt from a nomadic to sedentary lifestyle, the Mushuau Innu have finally been given a new home in Natuashish and are working hard to strengthen their community's wellbeing. 
View Part 1 / Part 2 /  Part 3
The early morning Winter sun peaks out below the clouds and shines over a small Labrador coastal community.
Still frame from the documentary "Lament for the Land"

Lament for the Land (2013) 


A powerful story of change, loss, and hope in the context 

of rapid climate change in the North. Attutauniujuk Nunami/ Lament for the Land
tells the story of the Labrador Inuit and their deep connection to the land through interviews and by capturing the beautiful scenery of Labrador's coastal communities.


Stories from Our Land: 1.5 (2011) 


This series features videos under 5 minutes from six Nunavut filmmakers. Each film had to be made without the use of interviews or narration, and it had to tell a northern story from a northern perspective. Give them a watch!

This short documentary presents the environmental challenges in Nunavut. Throughout the film, we discover the problems faced by this isolated region and learn just how serious they are. But above all, we hear a call to action from the residents, who don't want to see the North they love disappear.


8 Inuit teens with cameras offer a vibrant and contemporary view of life in Canada's North. They also use their newly acquired film skills to confront a broad range of issues, from the widening communication gap between youth and their elders to the loss of their peers to suicide. (In Inuktitut with English subtitles.)

This Land 

This short documentary recounts a 2000-km expedition undertaken by 7 rangers (both Inuit and non-Native) and a female filmmaker to raise a flag on the northernmost tip of Canadian soil, 412 km from the North Pole. With a mesmerizing soundtrack by Nunavut-born singer Tanya Tagaq and spectacular footage of the Arctic landscapeThis Land captures the epic adventure with raw immediacy.


Bush Pilot: Reflections on a Canadian Myth (1980)

A short documentary that explores development in Canada's North, where towns are increasingly remade in the image of the South and bush pilots are slowly becoming obsolete.


"Feeling cold this winter? Try living up North!" 


Reflections from a Filipino immigrant woman on moving to Canada's great white north.


A Globe & Mail panel commentary on southern perceptions of Canada's North: myth-busting, history, and information on current issues and innovations abound!


A small motor boat is frozen to the lake after the sudden Fall freeze on Great Slave Lake.
Photo by Fran Hurcomb - The sudden Fall freeze-up on Great Slave Lake

Up Here Magazine 

A great publication sharing news and commentary on northern issues, entertaining short stories on northern mysteries, monsters, and legends, and artwork from Canada's Far North. A great magazine to curl up with on a cold, blustery day!


Videos & Podcasts

Poster for 2014 Arctic Frontiers Conference: Humans in the Arctic

Arctic Frontiers

Arctic Frontiers brings together those who study the Arctic and policymakers to discuss the most pressing northern issues. The 2014 conference was focused on "Humans in the Arctic" and topics included Arctic healthcare systems, food systems, trading, and indigenous peoples and economic development. Videos of these informative presentations are now available online.

Arctic Research by the Brookings Institute 

Over the past few years, the Brookings Institute in the US has been exploring issues related to Arctic development and climate change to inform discussions within the Arctic Council. Their findings are reported through interviews, panels, and reports produced by top scholars, policy experts, and decision-makers working on Arctic issues. 

Podcast about how environmental changes in the Arctic and increased interest in northern development are going to impact governance and Arctic policies.


How do we manage the geopolitics associated with Arctic energy projects? How do we develop renewable and sustainable energy projects in the Arctic? How should governance issues and benefit sharing agreements be negotiated with Arctic communities?



Podcast exploring the impacts of climate change on the migration, mobility, and displacement of Arctic Indigenous peoples.



A panel discussion on Arctic energy and natural resource development and how the international community can best cooperate to ensure development is done in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner.

For Kids!
An early settler in the North is confronted by an angry Polar bear.
Image from Jonathon Wright's animated short, "The Bear Facts".

EcoKids Online

Have children in your life? EcoKids has great interactive, learning resources on Canada's northern environment. Quizzes, interview with wildlife experts, and interactive presentations are a great way for kids and youth to learn more about the north!

"Qalupalik" (2010)


This animated short tells the story of Qalupalik, a part-human sea monster that lives deep in the Arctic Ocean and preys on children who do not listen to their parents or elders. Angutii, a young boy who refuses to help out in his family's camp and who plays by the shoreline is taken one day by Qalupalik and Angutii's father, a great hunter, must then embark on a lengthy kayak journey to try and bring his son home.) - Have children in your life? EcoKids has great interactive, learning resources on Canada's northern environment. Quizzes, interview with wildlife experts, and interactive presentations are a great way for kids and youth to learn more about the North!

In this animated short, a self-important colonial explorer emerges from a sailing ship and plants a flag on the Arctic ice, as a bemused Inuit hunter looks on. Then the explorer plants another, and another, and another, while the hunter, clearly not impressed that his land has been "discovered," quietly goes about his business. In this charming and humorous re-imagining of first contact between Inuit and European, Jonathan Wright brings us the story of a savvy hunter and the ill-equipped explorer he outwits.

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