December 15, 2015
Every year, we look back, reflect, and take some pleasure in what we have accomplished, and remember how we got to this point. In large part, it was due to the generosity and commitment of patrons and friends who value Festival Opera's role as part of the arts landscape of the Bay Area.
Thank you all for your stand for the arts! And thank you for including us in your thoughts and actions.

Year-end donations are a vital way to help us begin the work of building the 2016 season.

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Many thanks and warm holiday wishes to you and yours! 

2015 Season

Joes Hernandez, Molly Mahoney, Shawnette Sulker
and Daniel Cilli at Opera in the Park  
Othalie Graham in Ariadne auf Naxos  
Sara Duchovnay, Molly Wilson and Betany Coffland in Ariadne auf Naxos
Michael Desnoyers, Daniel Cilli, Shawnette Sulker, Jose Hernandez and Roberto Perlas Gomez in Ariadne auf Naxos
Danielle Naler accompanies Sandra Bengochea and Christopher Bengochea in Festival Opera Lite
 at the Walnut Creek Marriott
Philip Skinner, Maya Kherani, and Jorge Garza in Savitri
Michael Boley, Daniel Cilli, Maya Kherani and Molly Mahoney
in River of Light
Richa Shukla, Gopi, Nilan Chaudhuri and Arjun Verma 
in River of Light  
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Festival Opera

1630 North Main Street, #61 

Walnut Creek, California 94596   



Sara Nealy - General Director

Dick Brundage, CBC - Marketing Director  


Board of Directors    

Susie Hanson, Chair

Peter Johnson, Vice Chair 

David Baer, Secretary      

Nina Bancroft Dickerson 

Jennifer Kwock-Lau     

Diane Heald                  

Celebrating 2015 and Toasting 2016
Festival Opera's Holiday Gala 
Molly Mahoney sings and Chun Mei Wilson accompanies
Jennifer Kwock-Lau and Marian Ponte
Susie Hanson greets Emily Lohr  
  Lawrence Lohr
Jim Leak and Bernice Greene 
Gary and Barbara Drummond
Chun Mei Wilson and James Gee
  Joanne Drumm, David Baer, Susie Hanson and Marion Ponte
Joanne Drumm and David Baer
Sara Nealy and Paul Nordine
Jim Woolett and Norma Van Cott 
Sabrina Gimbert
L-R: Foster Goldstrum, Kris and Lisa-Anne Milligan,   Jennifer Kwock-Lau, and Ella and Anthony Greenhouse
L-R: Molly Mahoney, Chun Mei Wilson, James Gee, Donna and Ted Weis, David Baer and Marion Ponte    
L-R: Sabrina Gimbert, Susie Hanson, Don Monaco, Phil Johnson, and Chuck Hanson
L-R: Jim Woolett, Norma Van Cott, Nina Bancroft-Dickerson, Joanne Drumm, Luisa Hansen and Paul Nordine 

Coming in 2016

W.A. Mozart's