December 2012                                                                        
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Happy Holidays from Great Dog Rescue NE!

Dear Friend,

We wish you a fun and joyful holiday this season and hope that in the spirit of giving, you'll consider the many ways you can help dogs in need. From opening up your home as a foster parent, to adopting a new family member, to giving a monetary donation, Great Dog relies on your generosity. 

This month we update you on our holiday giving tree and showcase our incredible foster parent, Stephen McGovern & family. Highlighted as our Adoptable of the Month is 15 week-old Grover.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to Great Dog this season, please visit our website and click on "Paypal"!
  The Tree of Giving Needs Your Help!


In 2012 we have had more pleas to help save the lives of abandoned dogs and puppies than ever before. We have expanded from 4 to 7 nursery homes and taken on many new positions in the rescue to try to keep things running smoothly. We are trying to also assist smaller rescues in New England who do good work for nothing other than the goodness of their hearts. 


In 2012 the states of Rhode Island and New Hampshire both began tightening their isolation laws, and many small rescues cannot afford to house an isolation center. Hence, GDRNE is opening our doors to several other rescues and offering our services to their dogs in need to help them stay in compliance with the laws of their states.


Taking in those less fortunate means that we are running full almost every week and in desperate need of expansion. This year, your GDRNE Christmas Tree donations will go toward helping us expand our space so that Great Dog may continue to not only add to our families, but also help the whole rescue community.


Please consider Great Dog this year in your Holiday giving.


To donate please go to our website: and click the Paypal tab. You do not have to have an account to pay by check or credit card over the web. Just sign in as a guest.


GDRNE donations make great Christmas Gifts for the goodhearted dog lover in your life and if you make a note in the description section we will dedicate your donation to anyone you choose.


Donations can also be mailed to:


9 Bartlett Street #306

Andover, Ma. 01810

Adoptable of the Month:



Age: 15 weeks

Gender: male
Breed: Terrier Mix


Grover is a 15 week old male red & white Terrier mix that weighs about 18 lbs. He and his siblings were found emaciated in the ash of a fire pit at a camp ground when they were rescued. All of the pups were in bad shape, but the community came together in getting the pups back to health.


Grover loves all of his new foster friends including other dogs, kids, and adults. Grover is not a huge fan of cats and hence would do best in a cat-free home. He is super outgoing, loves playing & tug games, and has a great personality. His foster parents have plenty of great things to say about Grover, and believe he would be best fit as an only dog in an active home where he can get loads of attention, love & exercise.


As with any puppy, GDRNE suggests puppy kindergarten so that Grover can be the best family member possible.


Grover is neutered and up-to-date on all his shots.

Grover is currently being fostered by Stephen McGovern & family.

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Even if you are unable to adopt at this time, please consider forwarding this information to anyone who might be interested!

Thank you!
Volunteer Spotlight:
Stephen McGovern, Santa to the puppies



Stephen McGovern

Today, December 19, Stephen McGovern is on his way to pick up a new foster dog. Mary, a Beagle mix, is scheduled to deliver her puppies on Christmas. It will be the first time that the McGoverns have been there for the birth of a litter.


Stephen has been described as "a Santa to puppies in need" and it's a title he and his family have earned. It's been only 5 months since they began fostering for Great Dog, and they've already saved around 24 dogs.


"I've lost track," said Stephen. "But that's what my kids say."


Even though Stephen is the proud owner of two Great Dogs--Tess, a Beagle/Chihuahua mix and Teddy, a Beagle/Chihuahua/Pit-bull mix--he was hesitant to begin fostering.


"I knew I'd fall fast and hard [for the dogs]," he said.


But when he finally relented, he realized that the hardest part was "not being able to do more."


In fact, Stephen does plenty--he's one of the hardest working volunteers for Great Dog. Even though he runs his own business in Waltham, he never says no to a dog in need. There have been up to 13 dogs in his home at one time (7 were puppies), and currently he's housing 3 large breed fosters, in addition to his own two pups. But with Mary on the way, there will be plenty more soon.


While fostering does take some time away from business, the customers of Stephen's Apparel have become used to the sign on the shop door that reads Back in 30 Minutes as Stephen rushes home to clean and feed and take care of his dogs during the work day.


"They're very understanding," Stephen said.


It could be because they're used to Stephen's desire to give back to his community. In addition to Great Dog, he also coaches a girls youth softball program, among other things.


"It's good to give back and do what you can for others. I make money for myself as I can," he jokes.


But he does have help. Juliana, age 13, and Stephen William, age 10, are Stephen's two youngest children (out of four) and they help take care of the foster dogs, including picking up the "presents"--which they are not a fan of--and going to Great Dog events, which they love. Stephen's wife also helps out, and as a registered nurse, she's prepared for their first at-home delivery.


So how does Stephen and his family get it all done? The motivation comes from the emails and updates from past fosters who have now been adopted into wonderful homes. And while it's sometimes difficult to say goodbye, the tears the McGovern family shed at the parting of a friend are worth it.


"I find a lot of comfort in my dogs," said Stephen. "And the fosters are treated like my dogs until they're gone."


From all of us at Great Dog, we wish Stephen and his family a Merry Christmas and hope for a safe and speedy delivery for Mary at the McGovern Manger!

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