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Happy Holidays from Jajja's Kids!!
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Happy Holidays  From Jajja's Kids to You...

Heartfelt Words From A Ugandan Friend

Emmanuel Mwesige is a driving force behind "Ugandans Making a Difference" and a friend of Jajja's Kids' board.   He  recently sent this message: 

Dear Team,

I am not sure how I should state this, but let me say it anyway, in my own words. Thanks a lot for bringing a smile on faces of so many kids who would previously not smile, thanks for adding a brick to their future, thanks for helping some of them realize their dreams that were once buried, thanks for feeding, clothing and educating them.

The world needs more of people like you who bring warmth where there is coldness, who resurrect those memories that we so cherished but later demolished by the winds of change.

From the very bottom of my heart I wish to say, thank you, thank you, thank you, so much!"

Best Regards,
Emmanuel Mwesige

And thank you, Emmanuel, for your kind words and big heart! 

Consider a Year-End Donation to Jajja's Kids...

$200 ~  covers two weeks of food for 18 children and the staff of four who care for them.  It also covers all salaries, medical care, household supplies, and utilities.  Two weeks!

$420 ~  pays for a year of education for one child, including tuition, books, uniforms and school supplies.   One full year!

$500 ~  fills two duffle bags with 100 pounds of items bought here and transported to Uganda... art supplies, education materials, shoes, clothing, safety equipment, writing materials, games and lots of love.

$5,000 ~  buys six months of food for JK's 18 children and staff, as well as all salaries, supplies and utilities.  Six months! 

Ten years ago Jajja's Kids began with a few dollars worth of tea and candy for a group of Ugandan street kids.  Today 18 fewer children are living on the streets of Kampala.  They instead live together, eat three meals a day and get the education they deserve.

Jajja's Kids has grown quickly because of many compassionate donors and volunteers like you, and because the dollar in Uganda can stretch far.   
Please help us continue this work as part of the Jajja's Kids family.

"Changing the World for a Better Tomorrow"

Supplies recently purchased in the U.S. for transport to Uganda

Uganda - February 2017

Starting February 7, eight volunteers will spend two weeks in Uganda.  We will enjoy projects  with Jajja's Kids and deliver duffle bags full of supplies.  

Donations of children's clothes--especially sneakers, sandals, shorts and pants-- and laptop computers in working condition will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Diane at (518) 588-0651 if you have items to donate!  

And remember--All donations are fully tax-deductible!

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