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How Your Social Media Habits Can Impact Your Divorce
One thing that couples divorcing only a decade ago didn’t have to take into consideration was their social media habits. Today, with the vast majority of Americans living their lives out loud online, social media can be a virtual minefield when it comes to divorce.  

Don’t supply evidence against you.
Once your divorce is initiated, it’s possible that your spouse and his or her attorney may seek out your social media pages for potential evidence in your case. This is why you need to be very careful about what you post. When posting, remember your ultimate intentions for your case. You should also ask your family and friends not to post any photos, videos, or comments that could potentially negatively impact your case.  

Warn your friends.
One way divorcing couples misuse social media is to turn to friends online for emotional support. Since many married couples share friends, whatever you post could be shared with your spouse — either by a mutual friend simply “liking” your post or by that friend revealing the information directly to your spouse. And tell your friends not to tag you in any of their photos or videos, or make comments on your posts that could be detrimental to your case.

Privacy settings don’t always protect you.
Your privacy settings may not provide total protection from prying eyes. Other friends could share your posts where anyone may see them. Your spouse’s attorney may petition the court to issue an order directing you to provide access to your social media accounts, and all your posts will be exposed for everyone involved in your case to see. You should not post anything on social media that shows you exhibiting poor judgment or negative behavior toward your spouse.  

Social media is a public forum, and you should avoid talking about your legal case online. Your legal team at Koenig|Dunne is here to answer your questions about protecting yourself and your family, and to advocate for your rights.

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!"

~ Dolly Parton

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Happy Holidays!
Our Holiday Party went virtual this year, it was still just as special knowing everyone we care about is safe. We wish you and yours a safe, restful and peaceful holiday season!
Holiday House
Despite the COVID pandemic, my Thanksgiving this year was downright crowded I mused. The day included Oliver, Willie, Mac (my cats) and me, myself, and I. That got my count to my second hand at least. Big sigh. Lucky for me, I have had years – 10 to be exact – practicing solo traditions and holidays. For many of you, this was your first year feeling the sting of a family tradition jarringly altered as families chose to avoid travel, decline big gatherings indoors, and to keep risk of exposure out of our homes. 

 If you felt the ache of longing for a loved one, or the sadness of an empty place setting, you now hold insight into the experience that occurs around the calendar for divorced parents. Inevitably one parent wakes on Christmas morning without the pitter patter of their children’s feet running to their room to rouse them for the wonders left behind by Santa. During Hanukkah one parent lights the menorah, says a blessing and recalls the story of Hanukkah in silent reflection without children arguing over whose turn it is to light the candle and to see delight as a carefully chosen gift is opened after.

Coach's Corner
with Susan Ann Koenig
Shaming or Sharing

“How are you?” she asked with sweet sincerity. 

Should I say? Should I be truthful? I pause ever so slightly.  

“I’m good.”  

I pause again. 

“Really good,” I say, trying not to sound too enthusiastic. 

This year caring inquiries have come from cousins across the country and Facebook friends not seen for years. An extrovert, I’ve lived long enough to amass an abundant army of people who want to know how I’m doing because they care. Sometimes I don’t want to share. 
I hesitate to tell them that this has been one of the best years of my life. 

Who wants to hear that? 

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This has been a year unlike any other. As we are nestled at home restoring our minds, bodies, and spirits, we hope you are able to do the same. Your team looks forward to coming into 2021 refreshed and recharged.
Happy Holidays!

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