Dec. 2020
Greetings to our Raptor Families & Community Stakeholders:
From School Director, Barbara Cohen
It's no understatement for any of us to say matter-of-factly, that this year has been filled with many heavy challenges. But it has also been a year of bravery, determination, and courage by all of you and our incredibly resilient students of LLCA!
We know that change isn’t easy, even in a normal year. Certainly, the myriad of changes that the COVID world has required of all of us - although daunting at times - has revealed opportunities for growth in disguise. READ MORE
Looking Back & Coming Up:
We wish we could say that the last few weeks have been such a whirlwind of activity that we couldn't keep up with sharing it all in real-time. But the truth is - as you already know - it's really just a continuation of a year-long challenge to keep up with a never-ending whirlwind of activity.
We are reminded that we don't really have to explain that to you because you're living in the same hurry up, slow-down, catch-up reality.
The irony is that this fast pace of changing information, surprise deadlines, and the need to adapt on the go has played out against a silent distance of hectic commotion.
But that doesn't mean there aren't good stories to share with each other. We have tried to do our best to get those stories out there, but we've been late with some of them, while not giving proper attention to others. And as busy as all of you are, it's possible you have missed some things.
So, we're pausing for a few minutes to reflect and to remember all the goodness that comes from - and flows through - what will always be YOUR community school.
We hope you enjoy these stories!
Not Even a Pandemic could Keep us From Celebrating LLCA's Teacher of the Year

Being the kind of person she is, Nancy Sarratt never said a word about the fact that the crazy COVID-19 school year traveled along without proper recognition of her as our 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year. We finally made it up to her though with a well-deserved reception in her honor. Read more about what makes Ms. Sarratt special according to those who nominated her for this year's honor.
Thanks to our Local Police Department, Next Week is Going to be a Special Christmas for more than 30 Students in Need

“It is in a police officer’s nature to help out people in need, and for most officers that is the very reason they have gotten into this profession. But, I know I can speak for all of my officers when I say it holds a special place in our heart to help a child in need during this time of year, especially this year which has been tough on a lot of families due to the pandemic.”
Lake Lure Police Chief Sean Humphries

LLCA Raptors' Cross Country TEAM Excels at Western Piedmont Athletic Conference

We don't have to tell you what an odd year it has been for school athletics.
That's why we are particularly proud of our Girls & Boys Raptor Cross County Team for their achievements at the recent Western Piedmont Athletic Conference, (WPAC). Help us congratulate these kids on their stellar efforts and abilities!

  • The LLCA Boys Team won 1st place in the WPAC Conference Meet.
  • Eleventh grader, Oska Gobin won 1st. place and was also named Western Piedmont Athletic Conference Runner of the Year.
  • Eleventh grader, Christopher Hudson won 4th place.
  • The LLCA Girls Team won 2nd place.
  • Tenth grader, Roxanna Duarte won 6th place.
WPAC is an athletic conference comprised of charter and private schools in the western piedmont region of North and South Carolina
It's Hard to Believe this was Ten Months Ago

So much has changed since we made this video about our LLCA teachers.

Dramatically more than when we published this last March, our teachers have learned, adapted, and grown in amazing ways.

When we first put this video together, we had no idea that ten months later we would be able to offer and operate under several concurrent learning options for our families - on campus, hybrid, or all remote.
This look back at how things were at the beginning of the year, with our teachers 'instructing' from their own personal homes into yours, provides a great insight into just how far we've all come together.
A few hiccups still exist, but we continue to grow and adapt to new technologies while also working to be even more responsive to the individual needs of our families.

Canvas is a web-based learning management system. It is widely used by learning institutions, educators, and students to access and manage online course learning materials and communicate about skill development and learning achievement.
LLCA is super excited to finally be launching this new platform in January. Full training for students and teachers has already started.
Save the date for an informational panel discussion on CANVAS
Jan. 26 @ 5:30 pm on Zoom. More info to follow
Check out our New Student Life Section on the School Website
From field trips to daily experiences on campus or in the classroom, this is where we'll place pictures and videos of our students' school life. Check back often for new stories. If your children are learning remotely, send us your pictures here, and share your stories!
In our Next Issue...
  • Get the Details on Open Enrollment & the School Lottery for the 2021 School Year!
  • We'll introduce School@HOME - A Handbook of Detailed Resources for our Virtual Families
  • You'll learn more about our School Board of Directors
  • See how we're using our New Outdoor Learning Space
  • Meet December's Teacher of the Month - a 1st Year Educator!
  • Enjoy a Teacher-Feature on K-12 Principal Jennifer Wilker
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