Happy Holidays!

December 2016
By Marion M. Walsh, Esq.
In this holiday season, the attorneys and staff at Littman Krooks send thanks and warm wishes to our clients for trusting us with representing your family. You inspire us each day with your tenacity and care for vulnerable loved ones. We pride ourselves in working with you to make a difference in your family member's life.

In a changing legal landscape, advocacy for the elderly, for adults and children with disabilities as well as those with mental health challenges deserve the maximum protection and support possible. We work to help individuals navigate complex laws and advocate to protect the vulnerable and disabled whether helping a family member obtain guardianship of a loved one who has lost capacity to manage his affairs and care, helping families plan their finances to preserve scarce resources or helping youth with learning or emotional disabilities find an appropriate school placement. Each day, we work to change lives and are proud of our success in helping those who have difficulty advocating for themselves.

A safety net in our society remains of paramount importance and we need to advocate for improved laws to protect those who cannot care for themselves. With a "veil of ignorance," to protect us from bias, to borrow a term from John Rawls, in A Theory of Justice, we should continue to support a just society with laws that protect everyone. From this viewpoint, in creating a just society, we should advocate for laws and policies that, to the maximum extent possible, protect the most defenseless and disadvantaged in our society. The elderly and individuals with disabilities occupy the ranks of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. We should not accept policies and rules that allow discrimination, bias or neglect.

I hope that, as empathetic citizens, we can see ourselves in the shoes of vulnerable individuals. I hope that we can support, advocate for and understand the need for a higher standard in our local communities. I hope we can reach out during this holiday season to help and recognize those alone, sad and isolated. Together we can make a difference.

May your holiday season be filled with much joy, happiness and success. Warm thoughts and best wishes for a very Happy New Year.
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