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Gilbert Our Christmas Elf
We choose Gilbert as this years Christmas elf as his story is both joyful and sad. Gilbert and his sister Gertie were brought to the Sanctuary on September 17th 2012. They were both about eight to ten weeks of age. They played, ate and grew; then Gertie stopped eating and stopped growing. It took nearly six weeks and an ultrasound at Cornell University Veterinary Hospital to diagnose her problem. It was a very rare congenital condition, A-V (atrerio-venous) fistula in her liver which caused hypertension of her liver and fluid to seep into her abdomen. We planned surgery in the hopes of solving this problem, but Gertie decided to cross Rainbow Bridge. Gilbert was her constant companion and missed her very much. He appeared to be sad. We decided to place him with two other kittens around his same age and size. They became fast friends, The Three Musketeers, Alfie, Murray and Gilbert have my entire office to run and play and have fun. They are all ready to find their forever homes, and we are looking for someone to adopt all three of these buddies. The wonderful games that they play and the fun that they have has helped Gilbert become a happy and joyful kitty.
A Tail of Two Kitties
A Christmas Miracle
In our November Newsletter we shared with you the story of Garfield, Our Thanksgiving Miracle. We are truly blessed this year to also have a Christmas Miracle.
Linus is about five years old, he is FIV positive and a former resident of Angel's Gate Animal Hospice. Duney is about one year old and a former resident of Rochester. In July of 2012 Duney tested positive for FIV. In mid November I received a call from Jim who as a volunteer with a local animal shelter was seeking a placement for an FIV positive young cat. I explained that my FIV room was at maximum capacity and that we could not accommodate an additional cat. Jim indicated that he had a sweet FIV cat who lives with his non-FIV cats (he immediately became a man after my own heart) and that he had recently lost an FIV cat who had lived in his home. Duney lived at the shelter and Jim had concerns that she would not fit into his household. I told him about Linus who is both handsome and friendly and we agreed that he would adopt Linus and I would accept Duney in Linus's place. The transfer occurred and Duney arrived at Love and Hope on November 29th.  She was scared but easy to handle and obviously going to be a really nice cat. As part of our admission protocol Duney was re-tested for FIV/FeLV and we were stunned when the Elisa Snap Test was so faint that we could not see it. This sweet girl allowed us to take more blood from her to send out to the laboratory for the FIV Western Blot Test. The results came in Thursday and they are NEGATIVE. While we will follow the recommendation and retest in 60 days, we are 98.9% sure that we can begin dancing and clicking our heals with joy over this wonderful news. We could not ask for a better Christmas present: Linus has a wonderful home and Duney has a fabulous future. This is truly the season of miracles.

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