December 27, 2019
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Counties In Action
Mayor Announces Inaugural Shining Light Honorees at Annual Menorah Lighting Ceremony
Elkton Center Seniors Go Caroling at Cecil County
Administrative Building
Queen Anne's County Reminds Residents to Remember Pets When Updating Winter Supply Kit

Corporate Partner Corner

MACo's Bronze Corporate Partners Pepco & Delmarva Power wants you to know it's never to late to give the gift of energy to someone you're thankful for this season.

What is the Gift of Energy?

The Gift of Energy is the most practical gift of all! The program gives you the opportunity to make a payment on the energy bill of someone you're thankful for this season.

Who should I give the Gift of Energy to?

You can give any amount to any Pepco or Delmarva Power customer you choose. It's a great gift for college kids living on their own, a thoughtful gift for those on a fixed budget or just a practical gift for a friend or neighbor.

How does it work?

Your Gift of Energy will appear on a future bill as a credit to the recipient's account. We'll provide you with a payment confirmation, a certificate of payment and a customized card that you can give to that certain friend or loved one – or we'll be glad to send it to them on your behalf.

What information do I need to participate?

All you need to participate is the name and address of the recipient!

For more information on how you can participate, please visit Pepco or Delmarva Power's website.

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