December 20 , 2018
We wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy holiday season and only the best for the new year.  We thank you for your collaboration, support and commitment to fighting poverty and addressing inequality.  This year, although challenging, has brought us hope and inspiration.  

We learned from our report, Obstacles on the Road to Opportunity: Finding a Way Forward, that although there are still many obstacles to overcome in Massachusetts and across the country, we are making progress.  The public programs we run and the work that we do in our communities with our vulnerable friends and neighbors make a difference ( keeping 920,000, including +200,000 children, out of poverty here in MA)From this we are inspired to do even more, with your help, to eliminate the paradox of poverty amidst plenty.

We will continue the dialogue about how we can work together to make our economy work for all, to make stronger, healthier communities and families, and to keep the programming and funding we depend on stable.

We ask you to join us in the fight to end poverty and ensure equal opportunity for all.

Look for plans for a Platform for Prosperity and measuring our collective progress.

We urge you to support our budget request for $30M for Fuel Assistance in MA state supplemental budget.  Click here for more information.  Visit heatinghelpma.org for more information and the agency serving your area.

Stay tuned for details about the next forum on poverty and the way forward in the Berkshires on January 11.

Our Mission
To strengthen and connect the statewide network of Community Action Agencies and collectively advocate for an end to poverty.

Our Vision
All MA residents will be able to meet their basic needs, access economic opportunities, build strong communities and move toward prosperity...

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There are 23 Community Action Agencies in Massachusetts serving virtually every city and town in the state.   To locate the agency in your area and learn more about the programs they offer,  click here .

Read our 2017 Annual Report
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