We take this time of celebration 

to give thanks and offer best wishes for happiness, health and
prosperity in the new year 

(L-R) Top row: Coen Purvis, Keith Goldfaden, Christian Harden, 
Caryn Carreiro, Bryan Weber, Patrick Thornton, Luis Santana and
Scott Mills. 
Middle row: Jeff Conn, Rhonda Nesbitt, Jen Jones,
Kim Kurnitsky, 
Amie Sword, Nicole Dana, Bryan J. Mickler,
Daniel Burkhardt, Eddie Salem, 
Todd Blake and Dave Auchter. 
Bottom row: Chuck Warden, Jennifer Ferguson, Janine King,
Megan Shulin, Molly Bole, Kristilee Adler, Alex Coley,
McKena Turner and Carmen Mantay.

On December 16, the NAI Hallmark Partners Holiday Celebration took place at 220 Riverside, located directly in front of Unity Plaza, a new amphitheater and urban park, set to open early 2015.

6675 Corporate Center Parkway  Suite 100
Jacksonville, Florida 32216
+1 904 363 9002

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Hallmark Partners was formed in 1993 as a full-service commercial real estate development company offering sales/leasing brokerage, property management, real estate intelligence and turnkey development services. Over the past 20 years, the company has developed more than $400 million in commercial projects in northeast Florida. Hallmark Partners is currently developing the signature mixed-use 220 Riverside/Unity Plaza project in downtown Jacksonville. In 2012, Hallmark Partners announced its affiliation with Princeton, NJ-based NAI Global ( creating NAI Hallmark Partners. NAI Hallmark Partners is involved in the leasing and/or management of a portfolio in excess of 3 million square feet in the Jacksonville market.