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A Unique Gift Idea 
New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance

Gray SealMarine Wildlife Adoptions

Looking for a special gift this holiday season?
Then consider adopting a humpback whale, great white shark, gray seal or any of the other marine wildlife available in our Marine Wildlife Adoption Program.


There are 3 adoption packages to choose from making this gift affordable, educational, and beautiful.


Read below to learn more. To adopt today, visit the NECWA adoption page on our website by clicking HERE.  The NECWA home page is


Each Marine Wildlife Adoption package helps support NECWA's research, education and conservation programs. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Thank you for your support this holiday season. 




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adoption certificateA Personal Touch! 


Each adoption package is customized to provide a personal touch!


Adoption Packages Include:

  • frameable adoption certificate with your name and date of adoption
  • a color picture of your
  • adopted marine animal
  • fun fact sheets
  • "Wildlife Supporter" magnet
  • quarterly e-newsletter
  • and more!

Need a present in a hurry! No worries. We process our adoption packages in less than 1 week! 


New in 2011 - Want to make your gift even more special? Add a plush toy to your adoption package for an additional $10. Choose from 3 available toys from Wish Pets including a gray seal, a sea turtle, or a great white shark!

Wish Pets plush toys

Marine Wildlife Available for Adoption

There are 10 animals available for adoption. All migrate to our New England waters to feed throughout the spring, summer and fall. 

Which one will you adopt for that someone special?
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Marine Wildlife in order of appearance above:
Great White Shark
Gray Seal
Northern Gannet
Humpback Whale
Ocean Sunfish
Sea Turtle
Finback Whale
Basking Shark
 new in 2011 Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin
Harbor Seal

Available Adoption Packages  


There are 3 adoption packages available:

  • standard
  • deluxe
  • Salt, the humpack whale. 
Adoption Package Prices