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          December 2011 Edition 

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the PCC Foundation and
the Alumni Partnership!


"Jingle on Main" - A Great Success!


 A special thank you to everyone who attended "Jingle on Main" on Thursday, December 8.


The streets were buzzing with activity as folks enjoyed a tree lighting and a few songs from the community choir at Merritt Commons.  Santa led the way toward the Kirby Cultural Arts Complex where he found a nice place to visit with the children in the nearby Carver Agency.  Tours of the new classrooms were given by PCC Fine Arts students and "The Polar Express" played on the big screen in the Kirby Theater for kids of all ages. 


Luminaries lit the street, several in honor of, in memory of, in gratitude to and saying "Merry Christmas" from community members.  This project was a fundraiser for the new Arts Endowment at PCC.  Below you will find the names from each luminary lit at "Jingle on Main".  Click here for a printable list


In Gratitude for  

Patti Clayton from Ruth Burch 
Mike Dossett from Michaela Haugabook 


In Honor of  

        Heather Barker from Lisa Cooley
Walter Bartlett from Robert Simons
Bob Baynard from Kathy Baynard Oakley
Billy Bevill from Shirley Deal
Karen Bowen from Robert Simons
Karen Bowen from Lisa Cooley
Edna Brown from Lisa Cooley
Tina Bryant-Allen from Lisa Cooley
Doris Carver from R
obert Simons
Bruce Chisholm from Robert Simons
City of Roxboro Employees from Merilyn P. Newell
Wayne Cohan from Lisa Cooley
Lisa Cooley from Robert Simons
Lisa Cooley from Jean Waldo
Bonnie Davis from Lisa Cooley
Mike Dossett from Robert Simons
Eddie Featherston from Dean & Jean Featherson 
Steven Funderburk from Lisa Cooley
Dr. Guy W. Gardner from Blossom Gardner 
Linda Newell Garza & Family from Merilyn P. Newell
Pam Hobbs from Robert Simons 
Esther Hodges from Bonnie Hodges Meeler
John Hodges, Sr. from Bonnie Hodges Meeler 
Rose Hodges from Bonnie Hodges Meeler
Leon Holloway from Lisa Cooley 
Human Services Students from Sheri N.
Dawn Langley from Patti Morgan 
Justin Long from Robert Simons
Pauline McCain from Tasha Williams 
Patricia Morgan from Lisa Cooley
Patricia Morgan from Jean Waldo 
Beverly Murphy from Robert Simons
Tom Murphy from Lisa Cooley 
Sheri Narin from Lisa Cooley
David B. A. Newell & Family from Merilyn P. Newell 
Henry O. Newell, Jr. & Family from Merilyn P. Newell
Jean D. Newell from Merilyn P. Newell
Merilyn Newell from Al & Jo Hancock

Patricia J. Perkins & Family from Merilyn P. Newell 
Paul Phillips from Lisa Cooley
Randy Reynolds from Lisa Cooley 
Steven Rochefort from Robert Simons
Roxboro Savings Bank from Merilyn P. Newell 
Karen Sanders from Lisa Cooley
Debra Seamster from Joe & Hilda Seamster 
Kathryn Simons from Robert Simons
Robert Simons from Lisa Cooley 
Rhonda Strickland from Robert Simons
Beth Townsend from Kate Moore Cox 
Jean Waldo from Lisa Cooley
Lynn Ward from Lisa Cooley 
David Wehrenberg from Lisa Cooley
David & Vera Whitfield from Robert Simons       
James Woody from Robert Simons

In Memory of 
Winslow Bass from Vanessa Bass
Joan T. Baynard from Kathy Baynard Oakley
Myrtle Carver from Carver Agency 
Jack W. Dixon from Jane Dixon Long
Yolanda F. Dixon from Jane Dixon Long 
Margaret Wright Eutsy from Louise Oliver
Franks Evans from Judy Evans,
Alvin, Christy & Tatum Puett 
Albert Ray Hargis from Carver Agency 
Mary Harper from Donovan Harper 
Betsy Warren Harrison from Doris Carver 
George T. Hicks from Mozell Hicks
George Jackson from Carver Agency
Gracie Kurfees from Dana, Heath & Carsyn
Gracie Kurfees from Sheila and Dane 
Ellen Lewis from Tracy Harris
Lightning from Sheri N. 
Irene Minter - Mother from Rhonda Beach - Daughter
Nita Mooney from Beverly, Debbie, Jessica & Family 
Nita Mooney (Nana) from Nick, Tyler, Hunter & Noah
W. T. Mooney, Jr. from Beverly, Debbie, Jessica & Family 
Major John Henry Moore from Kate Moore Cox 
Maxine "Mickey" Moore from Your Children 
Stephen "Mutt" Moore from Your Children
Sarah Morton from Aunt Judy and Uncle Carlton
Michael Nance from Michelle & Blair
Doug Newell from Al & Jo Hancock
Doug Newell from Meg & Roy Holler 
G. Douglas Newell from Merilyn P. Newell
Gladys O'Briant from Gary O'Briant 
Arch Pleasant from Doris Carver
Lola Poteat from Doris Carver
George Algie Pulliam from Carver Agency
DeMarcus Ragland from Magdalene Ragland 
Genny Robertson (Nana) from Kevin Jackson
Rev. William Sabiston III from Carver Agency 
Bill Sarnecky from Doris Carver
David and Cordia Simons from Robert Simons 
Hazel Wilkerson from Carver Agency
Hazel Wilkerson from Doris Carver 
J. Felton Wilkerson from Doris Carver
Joyce D. Wilkerson from Doris Carver 
Dorothy Wood from Ernie Wood
Ernest B. Wood, Sr. from Ernie Wood 
Brenda Young from Carver Agency

Merry Christmas to 
Walter Bartlett from James Woody
Nancy Berryhill from Olivia Townsend

John Betterton from Olivia Townsend 
Larry Bowen from Karen Bowen
               Doris Carver from Karen Bowen                
Citizens of Roxboro & Person County
from Merilyn P. Newell

Sheila Clark from Karen Bowen
            Patti Clayton from Karen Bowen                
Bonnie Davis from Karen Bowen    
          Bonnie Davis from James Woody            
Mike Dossett from Karen Bowen
The Folks at Edward Jones
(Rob Bremer & Renee Shaw)
from a Happy Client
               Pat Fogleman from Karen Bowen            
Dotty Ford from Karen Bowen
Cindy Fox from Karen Bowen

Etta Jones from Karen Bowen
Lisa Palmer from Karen Bowen
                   Jeff Paton from Karen Bowen                
Holly Pulliam from Olivia Townsend
            Heather Sanford from Olivia Townsend            
Mindy Scott from Karen Bowen
Robert Simons from Karen Bowen
Robert Simons from James Woody  
Caitlin Suggs from Olivia Townsend
Beth Townsend from Karen Bowen
Beth Townsend from James Woody
Kevin Tyburksi from Karen Bowen
John M. Westmoreland from Fran Westmoreland
Randy & Kathy Young from Margaret McMann

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or   townsee@piedmontcc.edu    

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Thank you for your support and Merry Christmas!

Elizabeth Townsend

Executive Director, Piedmont Community College

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