Happy Holidays!
Ready Theatre Systems
Technical Support
Our US based Technical Support will, as always, remain available during the holidays. We provide 24/7/365 support with your software package. For additional support, please see our wiki page.

Newsletter Tip
Utilize new printer layouts for tickets, customer receipts, and credit card receipts. Please navigate in RTS to Setup - Local Computer and change the Model/Layout to " Custom:RTS Epson ___ " and designate the type based on the model (ticket, receipt, etc).

For more setup information, please see our Wiki
Software Changes and Updates
  • Added a "Cleanup List" option to the scheduler to easily hide old films
  • Updated the payment type report to better support tips
  • Added Labor Cost Report
  • Added Embed Card System processing
  • Updated the registration reward item list to no longer include deleted items
  • Added Tip Share Report to Web Reporting

Please visit our website for the full change list

Thank You
Representatives from RTS' Development, Sales, Media, and Technical departments would like to extend our appreciation for a great year. We look forward to continue working with you in 2019.