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Holiday Season 2015
As many of you venture out on the roads to travel for the holidays, please be careful and drive safely. The attorneys and staff at Schulman Blitz, LLP wish you a safe, happy and healthy holiday season. 

We hope you enjoy reading about some of the exciting news and results that Schulman Blitz, LLP recently achieved for our clients. 

Justin & Fred
Schulman Blitz, LLP Settles Case After Bus and Car Collide while Exiting the Lincoln Tunnel

Schulman Blitz, LLP's client was a passenger on a BoltBus that was traveling from Baltimore to New York City.  As the bus was exiting the Manhattan side of the Lincoln Tunnel, it collided with a car, dragging the car against the side of the tunnel exit wall.  
As a result of the impact with the car, our client was thrown into the stairwell of the bus, severely injuring her shoulder and knee.  Our client's knee injury required arthroscopic  surgical repair, as did her shoulder injury.  
Our client tore her biceps tendon  and rotator cuff tendon developing a  "frozen" shoulder. 
She required  arthroscopic surgery to repair her SLAP lesion in her shoulder. 
After the completion of depositions, Schulman Blitz's senior associate Stephanie Mastrocola. Esq. settled our client's cases for $360,000 with the insurance company for the car and BoltBus.
Schulman Blitz, LLP Settles Case for Working Mother Struck by Car on Staten Island
S chulman Blitz, LLP's client, who at the time of her accident was a a nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, was crossing Richmond Avenue at the intersection of Leo Street in Staten Island when she was struck by a car that was making a left turn.  As a result, she sustained several injuries, including a severe injury to her knee. 

Our client sustained a torn medial meniscus, as well as an anterior cruciate ligament deficiency to her knee.

As a result of these injuries, our client required surgery, consisting of 
an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction utilizing a patellar tendon autograft, as well as a medial meniscectomy.  The surgery required insertion of  metallic screws into our client's knee.

As a result of her injuries, our client had to miss over a year of work. Schulman Blitz, LLP made a motion for summary jud gment to have the court determine, as a matter of law, that the collision was completely the fault of the driver of the car.  In addition, the motion sought a determination by the court that our client sustained injuries that met New York State's "serious injury threshold" for automobile cases.
While the motion was pending, Fred Schulman, Esq.settled the case with the insurance company for the car for $240,000.  
Taxi Driver's Negligence Jeopardizes Career of Aspiring Opera Singer

Our client was a passenger in a yellow cab when the driver lost control and struck a parked vehicle. As a result of the heavy impact, our client's face struck the plexiglass divider of the taxi, which caused her to sustain a fractured nasal bone and a deviated nasal septum
At the time of the accident, our client was an aspiring opera singer who was pursuing her Masters Degree at the Manhattan School of Music. After the accident, she began to have voice difficulties which affected her  singing.  Thomas Schiro, Esq. and Fred Schulman, Esq. settled our client's case at a mediation with with the insurance company for the taxi cab for a confidential amount. 
Astoria Grandfather Trips and Falls on Broken Sidewalk in Front of Hotel
Schulman Blitz, LLP's client, a grandfather and owner of an auto body shop in Astoria, was on his way to his sister's apartment when he tripped and fell on a broken sidewalk in front of a hotel.  As a result of the fall, he tore the rotator cuff in his shoulder, requiring a surgical repair which included the insertion of surgical anchors.  During the course of the litigation, Schulman Blitz, LLP was able to prove that the sidewalk defect that caused our client to fall existed for at least 9 years before the accident took place and the hotel's owners took no steps to try to repair the defect.  Shortly before the trial was scheduled to begin,    Stephanie Mastrocola, Esq.  and Justin Blitz, Esq.  settled the case at an out of court mediation for $ 180,000  with the insurance company for the  hotel.
Five of Schulman Blitz, LLP's cases Appear in
New York Law Journal's "Hall of Fame" List
We are proud to report that five of Schulman Blitz, LLP's cases were listed in the recently issued New York Law Journal's Verdict & Settlements Hall of Fame.  Schulman Blitz, LLP cases were included in the "lane change" category, "no-fault" category, and "sideswipe" category. We are proud to have the fifth largest settlement listed in the "red light" category. 
Schulman Blitz, LLP Team Member Jeffrey Liu Passes New York State Bar Exam
Congratulations to our employee and recent New York Law School graduate Jeffrey Liu on passing the New York State Bar Examination.  Jeffrey began his tenure with Schulman Blitz, LLP as an intern in the summer of 2014 and has grown to be a valuable member of the firm.  While in law school, Jeffrey was a member of the New York Law School Moot Court Association and was a research assistant for Professor Lung-Chu Chen, a world renowned scholar of international law.  We congratulate Jeffrey on his accomplishment and we look forward to him being admitted to practice law in the Courts of the State of New York.
Fred Schulman's Renowned Medical Malpractice Treatise Updated for 2015

Fred Schulman's respected treatise, published by Law Journal Press is a primer for medical malpractice attorneys throughout the country. The book treats a case as a continuous process, from the initial client interview to the closing argument. It offers comprehensive coverage of the cutting-edge issues such as the right to conduct ex parte interviews of treating physicians, caps on damages in medical malpractice cases, qualifications of expert witnesses (the locality rule versus the national standard) and the "date of discovery" rule for purposes of statute of limitations. 

Appendices demonstrate how to analyze a medical brief, depose and examine the defendant physician and elicit testimony from your own expert witness. 

Mr. Schulman is currently hard at work on the next update to the book, which will be forthcoming in early 2016.

Schulman Blitz, LLP Partners Named
 2015 Super Lawyers

Schulman Blitz, LLP partner Fredrick Schulman was named as a 2015 Super Lawyer and partner Justin Blitz was named as a 2015 Super Lawyer Rising Star.  Mr. Blitz and Mr. Schulman have been named to the list of Super Lawyers for the past three years. 

Justin Blitz Debuts New Live Webinar
Lecture Series For Lawyers

Justin Blitz continues his well received lecture series for legal education for attorneys.  

In November 2015, Mr. Blitz spoke on Suing the City of New York and gave a lecture entitled "New York Medical Malpractice."  Both have received very favorable reviews and can be found online, along with many of Mr. Blitz's prior lectures by clicking the links below.   

Mr. Blitz's live webinar lecture series continues in the coming weeks. Below is the schedule of upcoming lectures.  

On December 15, 2015 at 11:00 AM - Live webinar  
Justin Blitz on "Litigating a Defective Premises Case in New York"

In this course, Justin Blitz, partner of Schulman Blitz, LLP, will take you through a real life defective premises case to explain the tools that are necessary for successful representation of the client.  Throughout the program, a detailed discussion and analysis will be provided to address the issues that arise during the course of litigation.

On December 7, 2015 at 1:30 pm - Live webinar Justin Blitz on "Litigating a Motorcycle Collision Case"  
In this program, join Justin Blitz, partner of Schulman Blitz, LLP, as he takes you through a real life motorcycle collision case to illustrate the tools that are necessary to successfully represent your client.

A Blast from the Schulman Blitz, LLP Archives
A Blast from the Schulman Blitz, LLP Archives

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