As we close out 2018, it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon the year and express our gratitude. 

To me, this photograph of Sonoma Water staff taken earlier in the year best conveys what is required to plan, build and maintain the miles of pipelines, natural and engineered channels, and manage the eight sanitation districts and zones in our care. I am very proud to lead such a diverse organization of doers, planners, organizers and inventive thinkers dedicated to ensuring we deliver on our mission. 

2018 will forever be a milestone year in our organization’s colorful history. We gave a new voice and face to Sonoma Water with a new name and logo. We have evolved with changing times and recommitted ourselves to a culture of mutual support, transparency and open dialogue with the public.

At our core, Sonoma Water continues to produce pure, CLEAN water to our customers. Through professional engineering, skilled maintenance and remarkable planning we provide very RELIABLE service. Our work is ESSENTIAL and our organization’s greatest asset, our people deliver EVERY DAY.

As always, Sonoma Water is thankful for your trust and support. We wish you a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year!