December 2016

Hi Everyone!

Here we are, in the Season of Holy-days!!

Doesn't matter what tradition you follow, or "who" is your tribe, this time of the year we all get together and celebrate our traditional values and cultural heritage. This time is always filled with great vibes as we all wish each other Joy, Love, Happiness and Peace. It's the time when we feel more alive and ever grateful. We come together as families, communities and one humanity. We open our hearts wider and let more love and light to shine through us. We feel more excited for the gift of life, for the opportunity to be alive, and we share and give more freely.

What a wonderful time indeed!!

  Enjoy yourself, have fun with your tribe, and share your blessings and love with the world!! You Are a Gift!!

There will be no classes offered at Transendance in the month of December. We'll  resume with classes in January. Please take a look at a Sneak Peek below, and there are some great "links" for your Body, Mind and Soul.

Much love to you All

Happy Holidays!
with Love,

Dr. Tatiana

January/February SNEAK PEEK...

SRI hands on workshop, Part I

Saturday, January 21 | 10:30am-12:30pm

Based on "The 12 Stages of Healing" (by Dr. Donald Epstein) and Somato-Respiratory Integration(SRI) Exercises , this workshop, led by Dr. Tatiana Agafonova, will help you to connect to Your Body, Breath, Your Internal Rhythms, and Parts that have been disconnected from your awareness. Instead of running away from pain, created by such disconnection, Discover and learn how connecting to your body, breath and the rhythm of each stage of healing, enables you to connect to the power of your transformation. Discover how increased awareness and re-connection changes your inner state, your body responses, and creates more peace, self-forgiveness and love. Overview of stages of healing, and hands-on time connecting to the first three rhythms collectively called
Season of Discover.

*** Recommended to EVERYONE.
Connect to your breath, your body and it's wisdom.***
or call (941) 953-2209
Location TBA
(beautiful private residence)

Saturday, January 21, 10:30am - 12:30pm
Tuition: $45 (repeat $10 off)

for more information and questions 

Energizing Transformational Experience!

Sunday, February 26 | 9:30am-6:30pm

Anyone, who is desiring to experience something Extraordinary, who feels with all their heart and soul it's the time to upgrade their baseline of living and to step forward into their greatness, please JOIN US! Come to celebrate yourself with community of people committed to a better life!  This is an incredible opportunity!   
Even if you've never received Network Care before, you can join the 
Clear Day Workshop!  Prepare to be AMAZED!   

  "Dr. Tatiana Agafonova's "Clear Day" was a wonderful and inspiring day! It was an opportunity to surrender to the benefits of Network Care and SRI in a safe, and beautiful environment surrounded by like minded people seeking relief, restoration, and divine guidance from life. It was an uplifting event filled with music, movement, entrainments, and breathing exercises that left me filled with gratitude and invigorated with the energy and love I experienced from everyone present. I met some wonderful people, enjoyed a delicious lunch, and came away from the day a more open, a less fearful, and a lot more centered and wholehearted. I can not wait for the next one!" - Gloria Leon

It is time to come together as community of people committed to better life, health, vitality and collaboration. It is time to amp, experience and then anchor,  through our spines,  the ENERGY  of greater awareness and new possibilities  
as our new baseline of living!   
  Who is in?!

" It was AWESOME! I had to face issues that I didn't know I had! It allowed me to address it to move forward." - Shamyra C.
"It was the best Clear Day NSA/SRI Experience of my Life!!"
- George Skurla
"Wonderful, inspiring, relaxing, fun,  insightful. It was beyond my expectations!" - Maggie R.
"It was wonderful! The space was super special. Clear Day is the perfect name for what we all experienced. I left with a clear purpose! Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Lou Richards

This Clear Day will consist of multiple NSA Entrainments, SRI sessions, mini-talks, meditation time, lunch(included) and much more. 

Sunday, February 26 | 9:30 AM-6:30 PM

( beautiful private residence, 10 min away from downtown Sarasota)

  Early Registration Adult $215 | Child $115 (Ends on February 12) 
General Registration Adult $245 | Child $145

for more information and questions 


"Every organ in the human body has the ability to heal itself...", -
Gregg Braden
This film not only taps into the brilliant mind's of leading scientists and spiritual teachers, but follows three people on actual high stakes
healing journeys.
Soul Sync is more than a meditation. It is entering a sacred space within that leads you into an expansive state of consciousness, where intentions become actualities...
 ..."Take the journey inside of you, to become quiet to hear the Beyond, to become patient to receive the Beyond, to become open to invite the Beyond, and be grateful to allow the Beyond. Be in the present moment to live in the BEYOND..."  
The Placebo Effect, Teleportation, The Science of The Heart, and Beyond...

75% OFF

Please enjoy this coupon at you convenience, or get it as a gift for someone you love!

OFFER: with a purchase of one NSA(Network Care) session at a regular price, your second* session is 75%off.
*both sessions must be purchased together and used within 30 days
Offer EXPIRATION: 12/31/2016  

Have a Fantastic Holiday Season, and
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Much love to all,
Transendance Team

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