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Caleigh's Christmas Corner

With the holidays right around the corner, it's a great time to reflect on the year and set new goals. This year is likely one we will never forget! I have been using quarantine to spend lots of time with my family and friends and began feeling extra grateful for their safety and health.

I wish nothing but the same unconditional love, support, and health to your loved ones. While the holidays may look different this year, I feel no less blessed to be surrounded by people who inspire me and push me to be the best version of myself. None of this would be possible without The Perfect Game Foundation and their dedication to help students!

I wish everyone a Happy New Year with new joy and new beginnings!

In Their Own Words..
Olivia Hindy
Williams College

The Holiday season is a time to reflect and spend time with your loved ones. This year I am especially thankful for The Perfect Game Foundation. The Perfect Game Foundation has started to open so many doors for me in the sports industry by helping me gain experience and exposure. 

As a lifelong athlete, current member of the Women’s Varsity Volleyball team at Williams College, and all-around huge sports enthusiast, I always knew that I wanted to work in the sports industry. I have been working hard for the past few months and in touch with a wide variety of important contacts to further my career but also helping me research and prepare for interviews. I am so lucky to be a part of The Perfect Game Foundation!

Sabir Hathiramani
The Ohio State University

Nothing is more exciting than getting ready for game day.
The players warming up, the buzz of the crowd, the energy in the air, and even the aroma of the stadium all make for an electrically charged atmosphere. Working in sports is truly unlike any other industry out there. I’ve seen it firsthand, and I love it.

My enthusiasm for pursuing a career in sports stems from a number of opportunities that have given me hands-on experience working in the operational and logistical side of youth, grassroots, and collegiate athletics. I am fortunate to have landed a position in the sports field following my undergraduate degree in 2019. I have spent the last two years networking, learning the ins and outs of the industry, and working under the direction of The Perfect Game Foundation in planning my short and long term career plan. 

This holiday season I want to give my sincere appreciation to the Foundation for all that they do for young professionals like myself who are eager to break into such a close-knit industry. I am confident in saying that I would not be where I am today without The Perfect Game Foundation and hope nothing but the best for all fellows, mentors, and staff involved. Thank you greatly for all that you do and warm wishes to a safe and cheerful holiday season.
Marci Doyle
University of Florida
Advisory Council The Perfect Game Foundation 

Christmas is magical – a time of celebrating the birth of Jesus, a time of reflection and thankfulness for the year’s blessings (and yes, even in 2020 there are blessings), a time for gathering with those you love. My family and I decided one night to talk through the silver linings of 2020 that we are truly grateful for this year, here are just a few:
New technologies we’ve learned or utilized more (from Netflix to Zoom, to many in between)
More companies realizing/appreciating the ability to work remotely
Less running from event to event, reacting to calendars (whether kids’ events, work functions, etc)
Customer service is at an all-new high, as companies show appreciation for your business
Extra time in the mornings to: exercise, meditate/pray, enjoy coffee time
Opportunity to change careers/jobs, move closer to home
More time in the kitchen, new recipes
Home projects completed
Took new online courses
This may not be your list, but hopefully your family experienced some of them, and can think of many more! 
Merry Christmas, and Happy 2021!