A Word from Mark
Dear Friends of WTLC,
I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday. I probably gained 5 pounds over the weekend, but I have a feeling that most of you probably did as well – so that makes me feel a bit better about myself. ;)

As we celebrated Thanksgiving with our loved ones, I took some time off to slow down and think about all the things I am grateful for. Of course, I’m grateful for all the things that are close to my heart like my family and friends, but I am also very grateful for all of you who are receiving this newsletter.

Whether you attended one of our events, made a donation, or simply signed up to receive our newsletter, we appreciate how much you care about ending the cycle of violence. We work very hard to answer every call to our 24/7 hotline number, create safety plans for our families, and provide individualized support to survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking – and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support from all of you. So, from the bottom of my heart – thank you

With Appreciation,

2018 is quickly coming to a close, and what a year it’s been!

This year has truly confirmed for us how important it is for every survivor to have access to services that meet them wherever they are in their lives. As we well know, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery, and your support this year has provided the flexibility to be responsive to each survivor’s unique experience and needs.

WTLC was founded in 1976 as an emergency shelter for women and children who were spending their nights in their cars because it was safer than returning home to an abusive partner. It is because of your continued support that we are able to continue to offer this crucial service to all survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking now, over forty years later. So far in 2018, 191 adults, 167 children, and 11 pets of survivors have found a safe, comfortable place to call home here at WTLC while they begin their recovery process.

More recently, WTLC has made our services available to survivors throughout the community, aiming to reach the huge numbers of survivors who have decided that an emergency shelter stay is not the right decision for their personal situation. Because of your overwhelming support for these efforts, over half of all supportive services in 2018 were provided to survivors outside of the traditional emergency shelter setting.

This year your support also allowed us to continue to expand and strengthen our core programs, ensuring each survivor who comes through our doors has access to services that meet their unique needs. Whether in need of counseling support to work through experiences of trauma, legal advocacy to navigate the court system with confidence, or housing support to establish and build long-term stability, survivors in our programs find knowledgeable advocacy tailored to their priorities and goals.

WTLC is committed to continuing to provide flexible and responsive services to all survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking in 2019. We have set a goal of raising $50,000 by the end of December—will you help us reach this goal?

Give the Gift of a Great Future
This year, give the gift of a great future to survivors and children of domestic violence and human trafficking! Make a donation in the name of a friend, family member, or loved one and know that your gift is providing survivors in our community with flexible shelter options, supportive services, and a safe, violence-free, independent future.
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