When Can I Take MY Puppy Home?
- And the Possible Nine Upcoming Cockapoo X Litters
Pup Alert  Newsletter
December 10th, 2016
Happy Holidays!
XANADU’S BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY HOLIDAY to ALL of YOU who have inquired about a 2017 XANADU Puppy! 
We have one litter on the way (mini-Cockapoo pups from Gir-r-r-l and Zephyr), and as other females are in heat and bred, you will be informed by Pup Alert Newsletters. The winter solstice today, and increased sunshine on doggie heads (and pineal glands), make a young dog’s thoughts turn to romance… Also, please note our last Pup Alert Newsletter that contained XANADU’S 2017 Breeding Schedule. Because this is the information that most people want, a handy link is provided for easy access to that newsletter and information/photos of our breeding pairs. 
A Pricing Summary for XANADU Doodles is also linked for your convenience. As a general rule, the more time and expense involved in a breeding, the greater the cost of a puppy. I expect the cost of air travel and attendant flight veterinary paperwork to be about $475; so much depends on 2017 airline ticket prices and requisite flight health-certificate costs. Flights are through United Airline’s PetSafe Cargo (which is temperature controlled).  
We won't know when to expect ready-to-go-home baby Goberians, Doodles, Pomskies, multigenerational XANADU pups until our individual females are actually in heat—and then we do progesterone testing and still guess quite a bit. After breeding, and if all goes well, pups will be ready for new homes in four months. As females are in heat and bred, you will be notified through our Pup Alert Newsletter.  You will also be notified when pregnancies are confirmed, and when the puppies are born, and you’ll receive baby pictures, too. If you have submitted a deposit for a litter, XANADU will let you know when you can pick up your puppy and where.

But in the meantime, research the upcoming litters to see which litters you may be interested in. If, for example, you want a Pomsky or Pomsky cross, probably, you'll love everything that is sired by Ashoka (like Sierra’s litter) or sired by very sweet little Wolf, or later-season pups by Cinnamon, Cedar, AND the smaller Goberians, too. We should have both brown and blue-eyed pups.

About those Goberians: It is VERY hard to beat the trainability characteristics of the Golden Retriever in the Siberian Husky hybrids and multigenerationals. XANADU is working to increase the likelihood of blue eyes in these crosses, but temperament is ALWAYS our first consideration.

We have some Pomsky-cross litters also. People have asked for a Pomsky that doesn't shed; often the no-sheds look like more like Doodles (of course!) and do not have the look (clean legs and face) or higher-shedding characteristics of Pomsky-coat. But these pups do not shed much, and that’s great, too (see photos of Inky, for a great example).

If you are interested in a 2017 XANADU Doodle Puppy, the same is true: Research the breeds that comprise the hybrids and the multigenerational Doodles (Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Aussiepoos, Cockapoos, for example). Select hybrids with the characteristics that are great for your family: For example, Aussiepoo dominance will mean active pups; “standard” size means different things depending on the cross, but a standard-sized Goldendoodle pup will probably be about 45-55 lb. as an adult. A mini-Cockapoo may be 23 pounds as an adult, while a mini-Bernedoodle may be 35-45 lb. Crosses that combine Poodles with Australian Shepherds (or any herding dog—like the Puli or the Border Collie) may be more protective, more active and/or more barky. (And XANADU breeds for lower barking.) Become familiar with the clickable section of our website, “What Sets Us Apart,” and with the clickable “XANADU Breeding Goals” at the bottom of that page: http://www.xanadoodle.com/our-mission.html. Family decisions about adult dog size and shedding and allergies and activity level, etc. are the best-informed and most successful decisions. Your XANADU puppy expects to go to a forever home and be your BFF.
“Making a Deposit” is a document that is included herein as a link. After having read those deposit instructions (and after having made a confident decision and submitted your deposit), send a same-day email describing the characteristics you want--e.g., "Brown-eyed Litter Pick male from Moxy's litter with Mojo." I'll copy your wish-list onto the document that contains your deposit information. Then we'll wait for birth and eye color confirmation and puppy-selection and you will be informed of the date your puppy can come home. You will receive all of this information and photos of your pup by email.
SO very many of you are interested in XANADU’S Doodle hybrids, and especially our upcoming Cockapoos and Cockapoo crosses/multigenerational puppies. Please do your on-line research about breeds that interest you…and I offer the following as XANADU observations:
Here is what I love about the Cockapoo crosses:
  • No shed/low shed
  • The gorgeous ears—so fun to play with!
  • Blue eyes (some, not all); others have warm brown eyes
  • Happy family dogs--very "normal" doggie-dogs, active and playful, too
  • Smart, trainable, balanced, and they have self-respect 
  • Playful and good with kids
  • Most learn “fetch” easily and naturally as a great human interaction and exercise
  • Good indoor/outdoor dogs
  • The "right" size between being portable and less likely to be injured by predators (especially hawks, owls, etc.) or by simple rough-housing during play
  • Pretty good watch dogs, too.
THIS IS A LONGEVITY BREED.  I LOVE having longevity genes spreading to all of our hybrids—and from several breed directions, too. Cockapoo puppies may live to be 16-20 years old with excellent care (and this is a bit longer than other Doodle crosses with a smaller percent of longevity lineages in their genetic backgrounds). That is, your puppy’s lifespan can be about equivalent to your children’s childhood—most families love this XANADU-pup characteristic. Also, please note that this is not the only longevity breed in XANADU’S designer-dog gene pool; there are others to support our multi-generational dogs’ healthy, and happy, longer lives.
Other considerations (and why I think the Cockapoo hybrids and multigenerationals get better year by year by breeding toward XANADU’S goals:
The ear problems that the Cocker Spaniels sometimes have (Poodles can have ear issues, too) are reduced.

XANADU breeds toward a more "chill," quieter, calmer dog, and the hunting (prey) instinct is not so important to XANADU breeding objectives
The facial characteristics of the Cockers are more “jowly”; the XANADU hybrids / multigenerationals are less so.

The body style of the purebred Cockers is less agile than the XANADU multigenerationals. Some Cockers and Cockapoos are even short-legged, and XANADU doesn’t breed for short legs. We do breed for graceful confirmation.

Dog breeds go through periods of popularity or “fad,” and I’m old enough to remember the Cocker fad of way-back-when. Other fads have included the Poodle, Husky breeds, Golden Retriever, etc. Today, the Goldendoodle, Aussiepoo, Pomsky and the Goberian are in vogue, and many people want a hard-to-find Cockapoo puppy. These popular breeds are great dog breeds for different reasons and life styles. It is so much fun to discover and decide which of these breeds (and sizes from minis-to-BIG), hybrids, and multigenerational designer breeds have the qualities that would make the best dog for you and your family.

A warm and Happy Holiday to each one of you!
XANADU of the Rockies wishes you safe adventures in 2017.

Sheron and XANADU

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