happy holidays

Happy Holidays to all from my kitchen!

This year, let me take you to an extraordinary Christmas Feast, with portions that are plentiful! Just set up the table, light the candles, turn on the oven, open that bottle of bubbly and let the celebration begin...

If you love food and travel Chef Didier is leading a Culinary Tour to France which will commence in March 3-12th.

As my holiday perk to,you anyone who signs up for the March tour by Dec 20th will receive $200 discount making the cost $3200, per person, double occupancy, all inclusive for 10 days. (reservation form to be updated soon for your convenience)

For all the information please visit the website for all the details at


- CHRISTMAS Eve & Day FEAST By Chef Didier –

All are pre-cooked but might need to be reheated, instructions are included.

Pick up at Cook Au Vin, 2256 North Elston Ave., Chicago il

ChefDidierDurand@yahoo.com      Cell: 773-620-3986


WHOLE GOOSE ENTRÉE: ( price includes described vegetable sides, gravy, and surely, some leftovers too, plus some bones for a great soup! )

-10 lbs. Whole Goose w/ Chestnut Stuffing (Serves 8+)  $279.00

Potato-Cauliflower Au Gratin, Honey Nut Squash Polenta, Grilled Root Vegetables, Herb Gravy

Goose w/ Chestnut Stuffing (Serves 4+) $ 149.00

Potato-Cauliflower Au Gratin, Honey Nut Squash Polenta, Grilled Root Vegetables, Herb Gravy

Goose w/ Chestnut Stuffing (Serves 2+) $ 75.00

Potato-Cauliflower Au Gratin, Honey Nut Squash Polenta, Grilled Root Vegetables, Herb Gravy




(Priced per person, all listed vegetables and sauce included)

-Roasted 4 Bones Rack of Lamb, Medium Rare,

Potato-Wild Mushrooms Au Gratin, Butternut Squash Polenta Cake, au Jus. $39.00

-Traditional Cassoulet de Toulouse, lots of Meats Confits, Northern Beans, Many Sausages, and Brioche Crumbs. $29.00

-Grilled Boneless Large Local Duck Breast, Crushed Navy Beans scented with Truffles, Roasted Gorman Farm Potatoes, Roma Tomatoes, Orange Sauce $34.00

-Rotisserie Suckling Pig, Potato-Wild Mushrooms Au Gratin, Roasted Gorman Farm Potatoes, Green Peppercorn Sauce $36.00


-Wild Mushroom Soup, Garnished with Mushrooms, Tomatoes & Chives $9 (12oz)

-Bistrot Salad: Mixed Lettuces, Marinated Red onions, Shredded Veggies, Toasted Walnuts, Goat Cheeses, Balsamic-Honey Vinaigrette on the side  $9.00 each



-Caramelized Tahitian Vanilla Creme Brulee  $9 each

-Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse with Berries & Caramelized Mixed Nuts $ 9 each


AND THE BUCHE DE NOEL or Christmas Log!

Each genoise is flavored with: Expresso, Vanilla & Chocolate Butter Creams, sold by the inch, decorated.

6” for  $ 29, 10” for $ 42, 16” for $ 65

You can email, text, or call me for questions

Please fill in the reservation, times & credit card forms at chefdidierdurand.com

Pick up will be at Cook Au Vin, 2256 North Elston Ave, Chicago. Check times

 Chef Didier’s

Cyrano’s On-The-Go!

Pick up at Cook Au Vin Bakery, 2256 North Elston Street Chicago




Order must be in ASAP ( to guarantee availability ) or by:

Monday, December 19 at Noon

Name ______________________________________

Phone #_____________________________________

LARGE  GOOSE ENTREES ( includes sides, stuffing & gravy ) :

10 Lbs Goose ( serves 8+ ) @ $279_______

½ Goose ( serves 4+ ) @ $149________

¼ Goose ( serve 2+ ) @ $75____________


INDIVIDUAL ENTREES  ( includes veggies and sauce ): How Many?

4 Bones Rack of Lamb @ $39.50_________

Traditional Toulouse Cassoulet @ $29__________

Grilled Large Boneless Local Duck Breast @ $34.00_________

Fresh Rotisserie Suckling Pig @ $36.00___________


ADD-ONS: How Many?

-Bistrot Salad each @ $9.00_________

-Wild Mushrooms Soup each 12oz serving @$9__________

-Crème Brulee @ $9.00 __________-Chocolate Mousse @ $9.00__________




6” for $29 How Many?______________10” for $42 How Many?______

16” for $65 How Many?______


(Circle the time pick-up time!)

Pick-up time (every half hour also available ) for Saturday, December 24


Pick-up time (every half hour also available ) for Sunday, Dec 25

12pm_____1pm _____2:00 pm_____3pm______

Credit Card # (Last 4 digits, only ) ______________________

(Bring the card with you) Expiration date/year______________

Cash/check accepted.

Name shown on card_____________________________

Digits in the back_________________________________

Zip Code associated with the card________________________________

You may email this form to chefdidierdurand@yahoo.com Or you may phone it, and questions to Chef Didier & Staff at 773/620-3986 All prices, plus sales taxes


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