Thank you for being part of our dancing journey in 2018!

Wishing all of our colleagues, dancers, collaborators, partners, funders, audiences, students, volunteers, and outreach participants a wonderful and moving new year.

Much love from the Kaeja Team,
Karen and Allen Kaeja, Chelsey Fawcett, and Beata Rasitsan

Note: the Kaeja Hub will be closed from Monday, December 24 until Tuesday, January 1, 2019.

Karen and Allen Kaeja in Sedona, Arizona. 2018.
We'd also like to remind you that there is just under 2 weeks left in our Matching Campaign, Kaeja Connects . It's not too late to make a donation!

Until Dec. 31, 2018, every $1 you give becomes $2, matched by one our amazing donors (up to $10k): The Bulmash-Siegel Fund, The Lindy Green Family Charitable Foundation, and Karen Green & George Fischer.

All proceeds of Kaeja Connects will go towards our work in communities - allowing us to continue providing everyday people with opportunities to connect, create, witness, and perform.

All donations will receive tax receipts and recognition on our website and in our programs .

THANK YOU to those who have already donated to Kaeja Connects!:

Matt Ardrey
Joanne Bacon
Lindy Cowan
Judith Doan
Dr. Don Ducasse
Miriam Erlichman
Anne Fleming
Faith Goldman
Vivian Hall
Christine Jackson
Suzanne Jaeger
Bev Katz
Meredith Keery
Maria Kranz
Ben Labovitch
Elaine Lesniak
Michelle MacDougall
Dr. Blake Martin
Steven Norris
Kenny Pearl
Joan Philips
Paula Ravitz
Dr. Randi Stern
Amichai Tsarfati
David & Shelley Tsarfati
Amalie Vanderzwet
Phyllis Whyte

Thank you for your ongoing support! We wouldn't be here without you!

For a list of all of our current donors, go here .
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