As we conclude the 2020 year at the Marxe School @Baruch College CUNY, we use this time to reflect on the outcomes. Rigor, Access, Equity, and IMPACT shaped the focus of our key successes throughout our degree, executive, non-degree and professional programs this year. 
We celebrate active, spirited, and new partnerships, opportunities for new modalities of exchange such as virtual connections and hybrid learning, and utilizing the world as one. The Office of Global Initiatives (OGI) @Marxe highlights our spirited approach to our years efforts in energizing our full inventory of partners to get us through somber times these past few months. We take this approach to build additional foundations to leap into what we hope will be a robust 2021 of new global opportunities for our students, your students and our joint faculty research possibilities. The opportunities in 2021 are endless and takes a "one world" vision to build an amazing year.

To our global partners, we celebrate and thank YOU for your unwavering support and creativity during this past year. It takes talent, passion and dedication for true success! I also thank our office’s most engaging staff Diana Lazov and Andrea Hundley for their own creativity and commitment to the mission of the Office of Global Initiatives - keeping our vision and goals alive!
Happy Holidays to you all and the best for a joyous and prosperous 2021!

Angelina Delgado
Senior Director
Marxe School Office of Global Initiatives
Watch the Marxe Holiday Greeting Below!