At the Wayuu Taya Foundation, we continue helping more people, thanks to the implementation of permanent programs that we carry out with the support of our donors, allies, volunteers, and you.


Our Food Program benefits more than 8,467 children who receive a daily meal at school.



We continue to distribute medicines and supplies. In total, we have benefited more than 26,000 people nationwide this year.



We continue to bring more clean, accessible water to the schools in Mara, thanks to the donation of a new truck. So far, we have benefited 8,671 people.


The Agriculture Plan advances with the cultivation of 5,000 paprika plants and 10,000 organic tomatoes, which are added to the production of 2,093.6 kg of lentils, corn, cassava, pumpkin, black and guajirero beans during this last quarter.


We continue the restoration work at the Tepichi Talashi school, serving over 400 children.

We started the Wayuu Taya Intercultural Orchestra Program, which has the participation of 314 children from the Guajira Subregion, and we have more than 100 on the waiting list.

Professional Development and Music Education

We continue to apply the social approach methodology, which allows us to monitor the nutritional evolution of the children we serve with food in real-time.

We contribute to preserving tradition and cultural heritage with Wayuu ancestral music classes for 797 children at the Tepichi Talashi and Jesús Redentor schools.

Our vision for 2023 is to continue reaching more families through agroecology, education, and musical training as a mechanism for cultural transformation and overcoming poverty. 

Thanks to our allies: Acceso, CORE, Giustra Foundation, World Central Kitchen, AidLive, Clinton Foundation, Global Giving, Clean the World Foundation, Direct Relief, Warner Bros. Discovery, FedEx, Ivywise, Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet, d&a y El Sistema, we will continue to bring hope and a future to everyone who needs it during this 2023. 

The Wayuu Taya Family wishes you happy holidays!

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