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Brad Minns Shared His Fitness Story Below with Our SFIC Newsletter

I got a call from a client, Jimmy Vee, who was interested in my personal training services. We met and discussed his training goals then immediately went to work training together. One day while we were working out, I mentioned to him how excited I was that we had just completed my first book called Never Give Up. After I finished telling Jimmy about the book he asked, “Have you got a cover for the book?” “Well, that’s my next goal”, I told him. “What do you want on it?” he asked. “I’m thinking maybe that picture on the wall and some yellow to make it look like a tennis ball.” A few days later, Jimmy was back for another workout when he flipped open his phone and asked, “Is that what you’re looking for?” At first glimpse, I immediately knew that was the perfect cover for my book. “That’s it!” I said, barely able to contain my excitement. It was then I discovered that Jimmy owned a fast growing marketing company. The dream of writing my own book came many years ago. After much failure and procrastination, I prayed and asked God to help me finish the book. Not only was my prayer answered to complete the book but God also blessed me with a great client and friend who is responsible for this inspiring cover. Remember when you feel like giving up on your dream, pray. Ask God to help you. He always provides and will never let you down. God Bless.
Are You Planning a Holiday Party?

Special events include anything other than normal operations for your fitness facility, martial arts or dance school. Special events include Holiday Parties , competitions, fund raisers, tournaments and/or recitals. Special events can be held on-site or off-site. They can be just for members or for the public. In all of these cases, it is very important to contact us and find out if you have coverage for the special event in your General Liability Insurance policy. Here is the link to our Special Events application https://www.sportsfitness.com/wp-content/uploads/special-event-questionnaire.pdf Please forward this to us for any Special Event that you plan to host. Send to: submissions@sportsfitness.com or to your underwriter.
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