Sean Jackson CEO of Isles

We are so grateful for all of the people who make Isles’ work possible: our tremendous staff, the families and individuals we work with, our nonprofit and community partners, and our donors and funders who support us. We have an exciting agenda for 2023, but we need all of your help to make it possible. Please consider a year end gift now to launch our 2023 work. Thank you! -Sean Jackson, CEO

Why We Chose Isles

Hana & Mike at 2022 Isles Holiday Party

Being a Trenton native, working at Isles allows me a chance to pour back my passion for the youth in the city that I grew up in .

-Hana Sabree, Job Placement & Recruitment Specialist, Isles Youth Institute

I’m a Trenton native and resident, which is part of the reason I work here. Isles does community work integral to the wealth, health, and deliverance of Trenton residents in a way that can only be done by folks that are community based and community centered.

-Mike Whittington, Project Manager, Community Planning & Placemaking

Jim Simon being interviewed by Tyquan & Hana on our meet the staff LIVE

What is so exciting about our new Climate Corps work is that it weaves together a lot of the important services we do. Our work in urban ag, community forestry, tree planting and care and stormwater management are now integrated in order to meet the growing issues Trenton faces.

-Jim Simon, Deputy Director, Community Planning & Development

Stacy & Laura being interviewed by Tyquan and Hana during our meet the staff live.

Isles learns by doing. Whether helping youth develop or creating healthier homes we learn on the ground and then apply what we learn. Now with the Johnson Center, we can, through our experience, research, and data, show how all these things can come together for positive change.

-Stacy Heading, Director of Community Engagement, Johnson Center for Learning & Impact

Dante and Cinnamon at the 2022 staff holiday party

Work like Street Teams and Climate Corps has been a long time coming. As a resident and Isles staff, it makes me feel proud about everything that Trenton is, Trenton was, and where we’re heading now.

-Dante Alston, Outreach Worker, Trenton Community Street Teams

Meet Isles Staff Live

If you missed our staff LIVE on social media you can catch the full video by clicking on the photo to the right!

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