I think that although December can be a rather chaotic month it is also one of reflection of the present year and anticipation of the new one.

One of my traditions is to choose a word to represent the coming year. Once you have chosen your word(or it has chosen you) you will be surprised at how it shapes the entire year. My word for 2019 is OVATION which I have tried to reject ...LOL( Guides can be so insistent). It sounds too close to the word oval or ovulation which is still about eggs...ugh...not the least bit spiritual or inspiring.
As I meditate on the word more I think it will mean that I will offer praise and applause to more people in my life for their successes and contributions and , perhaps, I will applaud myself a little more for surviving and shaping my life to make a difference in these unique times .
Happy Holidays!

I plan to change my newsletter provider from Constant Contact to Mail Chimp in the coming year. It is much less expensive and I am buying a brand new vehicle this month! I could use the money saved for peanut butter, because...well have you seen the price of new cars?!!
Mail Chimp will not let me just transfer your name so, please, sign up for my newsletter again when you get the invitation. If I succeed in learning the new system quickly,I hope to be up and running in January .

Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your lives doing what I love for another year. It will be 29 years in 2019...wow!! I wonder what I can choose today to generate more excitement,change, and delicious possibilities than I ever imagined in 2019...as if by magic?