Let us first wish you and yours a very Happy Holidays.  We hope that your year has been a blessed one and that the New Year brings another prosperous and productive year for you.

At Snap2Close, we are most fortunate to have shared many wonderful moments with you, our customers, with whom we have built camaraderie and friendships! 

2019 has been another year of continued growth for us, and that is only because of your continued support and confidence in our photographic craftsmanship.  Our service area blossomed beyond the Greater Phoenix metro area to include Sedona, Camp Verde, the White Mountains and, to the South-Tucson, Casa Grande, and places between.

2019 evolved with expanded opportunities for video work, both 1080P and 4K.  Additionally, our capacity for drone photography and video work has seen appreciable growth.  Behind the scenes, and every bit as important to the final product as the photography itself, our processing capabilities have experienced considerable enhancements.  And to cap off the year, during the last Quarter, we began offering affordable Floor Plans and Virtual Staging. Information about both can be found at our Website. Additionally, over the past few months we took a new look at pricing, leading us to  revise it to increments of 500 SF rather than 1000 SF ‘bites’ thereby saving you significant money.  

This time last year, Snap2Close was completing a year a continued growth and feeling much gratitude for a successful 2018, but  2019 has been even more gratifying thanks to all of you, our loyal customers. Our success is due, in no small part, to the constructive feedback and suggestions that we receive from you every month of the year.  Again, we Thank You, our Customers!

Again wish you the very best during this festive holiday season,

Charlie, Sharon, Bill and Joe