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23 Dec 2019

Dear GCA member,

Here is your end of year newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Happy Holidays
from your GCA Board of Directors
GCA Residents' Survey Results
We posted the survey in the 15 November Newsletter, and had a 49% hit rate on the survey results. If you missed the results, you can click here.

The GCA Board of Directors
Equestrian Center News
The Glenmore Board of Directors is fully committed to maintaining the equestrian parcel as an equestrian center so long as it is a financially viable option for use of the land.  We are now searching for a new equestrian tenant to lease the premises commencing in March 2020 
County Waste Holiday Schedule
With the holidays rapidly approaching, here's a friendly reminder of what to expect with your solid waste service collection. Our offices and operations are closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day so during these weeks, please follow the amended service schedule below:
Christmas Day - Wednesday, December 25 th  – Trash and Recycling services will run one day behind schedule (beginning on the holiday) and for the remainder of the week.
New Year’s Day - Wednesday, January 1 st  - Trash and Recycling services will run one day behind schedule (beginning on the holiday) and for the remainder of the week.
Car Damaged at the Gate
Read How to Keep this from Happening to You
Last Friday night, there was an incident where the resident's gate at the gatehouse came down on a car, damaging our gate, and possibly, the car. This occurs when a second car attempts to speed the process and advance through the gate on the previous car's green entry signal. Only one car can be processed at a time. To prevent this from happening to you:
  • Leave space between you and the car in front of you.
  • Wait for the car in front to receive its green signal.
  • After the car in front moves on, approach the gate but stay a bit away from the gate so it can register your car's license plate.
  • Then, wait until you see the green light before advancing.
barrier gate
Albemarle County Police Patrols in Glenmore
Having received numerous complaints about speeding and near misses, coupled with the data from speed sensors on various roads, and two surveys that demonstrated a clear majority of GCA residents favoring a police presence, the GCA has contracted with the Albemarle County Police for a trial of random police patrols.

As Glenmore roads are private, the police will NOT be ticketing drivers for speeds between our 25 MPH posted limit and 45 MPH, however, they will be issuing warnings of which the GCA will be notified.

Please note that while the police can’t issue speeding tickets as stated above, they are required by state law to issue citations for reckless driving (defined as 20 MPH above the posted speed limit). They are also required to issue DUI citations just as on public streets. DUI citations include golf carts.

Should they observe any suspicious activity (e.g., people walking around the Running Deer wall late at night, vandalism, people looking into residence windows late at night) they will investigate and take appropriate action.

Both quantitative data (comparing past and future speed data) and qualitative community input will be used to determine the effectiveness of this program.
The GCA Annual Meeting - Tuesday 25 Feb 2020
The Glenmore Community Association's Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 25 at 7 PM in the ballroom of the Club at Glenmore. In January, GCA members will receive a meeting packet including information about those volunteers running for election to the GCA Board of Directors. Please plan to attend. 
Do You Know Your GCA Board Members?
Susan Worden was elected to the Board in February of 2019. Susan, a retired lawyer, is the head of the Equestrian Center Committee and the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).

This year, Susan has made some significant changes in the ARC approval process. Whereas historically it was a paper driven process, the process is now completely digital, from the submission, through final approval. Of course her committee still conducts site inspections when needed, but the process is fully digital.
The 2019 Update to the GCA Reserve Study is Posted
In January 2018, the GCA Board approved the 2017 GCA Reserve Study as required by the VA Property Owners Association Act (§ 55.1-1826). In 2019, the Board reviewed our requirements (an annual review is required by the Act) to ensure that sufficient reserves are available to maintain, repair, replace all capital components. This year, the Board included two significant issues that each drove additional reserve requirements: a full Equestrian Center Reserve Study, and adding Safety Sidewalks. The Board approved the Report on the GCA Reserves, Reserve Funds, and Allocations for the Year Ending 2019. It's on our Web Page. Click on Committees, then scroll down to Budget & Finance Committee. The 2019 Reserves report is at the bottom.
Retention Ponds/Dams Update
Last week, we cleared trees from three GCA retention pond dams. (See the red dots on the map along Farringdon Rd and Newbridge Road). We asked the County for help, and were told that trees growing on retention pond dams are a liability (they can fall and tear a hole in the dam). Last Thursday, we invited the Albemarle County Water Resources engineer to inspect our work. He provided a thumb's up on our efforts.

He also pointed out three new retention ponds in the K2 area (see the lower map) that will be transferred to the GCA by the developers in the future. Upon transfer there will be a total of 21 GCA retention ponds and bio-filters. The good news is the engineer said that the County understands the impact of transfer of these water resources on homeowner associations, and the County will ensure all are compliant prior to transfer.

The latest Water Resources Report is on our GCA Web Page. Click on "Committees", then scroll down to the Water Resources Committee November 2019 Report.
House Under Construction
Breezy Hill Rezoning Application Update
Tim Padalino, the lead Albemarle County reviewer for the Breezy Hill zoning map amendment application (ZMA201900004), notified the community that the application was revised and resubmitted by the developer on November 18, 2019 for staff review and comment. The county staff has conducted an inter-divisional, inter-agency review of the revised application materials and has provided the applicant with an updated review comment letter. This latest comment letter (dated 12/18/2019) and other application materials are available by clicking here .

As yet, a public hearing date has not been requested or scheduled and staff are unaware of what the applicant’s intended next steps are. The GCA Board will continue to keep the community updated as further information becomes available.
Two Changes to the GCA Landscape Guidelines
The Board of Directors recently passed two Resolutions to amend the Architectural and Landscape Guidelines for Fire pits and Raised Garden Beds. Anyone planning to install a raised garden bed or fire pit should apply to ARC via the interactive application on the Glenmore website (click here then scroll down to the ARC and hit the Apply Here tab).
New Raised Garden Beds must be screened with landscaping from all neighbors’ views. Existing raised garden beds will be permitted to remain “as is,” but when the property is transferred they must either be screened from all neighbors’ views or removed.
The amendment states:
All raised garden beds must have ARC approval. A raised garden bed will not be permitted if it will be visible to a neighbor. If a raised garden bed can be screened from a neighbor’s view with landscaping, it may be permitted. All raised garden beds must be at least ten feet from the owner’s property boundary.  Raised garden beds in existence prior to the passage of this amendment to the Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines will be allowed to remain, but when the property is transferred to another owner, these raised garden beds must be brought into compliance with this amendment. If these preexisting raised garden beds cannot be screened from every neighbor’s view, they must be removed before the property is transferred.
Wood-burning Fire Pits must be at least 15 feet from any structure or combustible material and must have a screen over the top. This is consistent with County and State Burn Laws
The amendment states:
All outdoor wood burning fire pits, whether temporary or permanent, must have ARC approval. All wood burning fire pits must be at least 15 feet from any structure or combustible material, both horizontal and vertical, including branches, mulch, structures, wooden fences, trees, leaves and the like. Fire pits must be at least 15 feet from the homeowner’s property line. All wood burning fire pits must have screen covers. Fire pits may not be placed in common areas. The homeowner must comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, rules, regulations, codes and ordinances.
Where do I find ... the Landscape Guidelines?
Our GCA Web Page has vast amounts of information. In fact, to find Glenmore Landscape Guidelines, go to the web page, then click on "ARC & Property Modifications". Then scroll down to the bottom under Reference Documents.

Just have some general questions? Email Thelma Washington by clicking Here.
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