Dear Colleagues,
The clock will shortly strike midnight on January 1, 2020, bringing us a New Year with boundless opportunities for advancing our research programs, along with many special times and occasions with our families and friends!

The New Year will also carry us towards the need to feed an expending global population, based on safe and highly nutritious agricultural products, while also attempting to mitigate human contributions to climate change. Solutions to such important challenges will need coordination of research endeavours, at the global level, where the goals transcend the individual researcher, in order to secure the wellbeing of all our fellow citizens around the world.

At the 8th International Crop Science Congress (ICSC), our focus will be to develop effective and efficient international research alliances; these will allow us all to contribute to our unique talents to ensure that we, as a global community, contribute to meeting these vital goals. Your attendance and active participation at the ICSC, is highly encourages as you will contribute to the synergy and energy which will carry our collective research mission forward, with a common goal in our sights!

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season, and looking forward to seeing you in Saskatoon next June 21-25, 2020 at the ICSC2020.
ICSC 2020 Co-Chair

College of Biological Sciences, University of California - UC Davis
ICSC 2020 Co-Chair

Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS), University of Saskatchewan