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December 2018

'Tis the season for pet safe salt! 
Please keep in mind that our yard and front steps can become extra slippery. As a precaution for dog and staff safety, we're always making sure there's a nice layer of pet safe salt down to combat any ice patches. Unfortunately, this can mean some pups go home a little extra dirty. Even though they're not outside rolling around in it, their friends track it inside, between their toes, onto the floor or even directly on to their friends when wrestling and playing. The salt tends to add a funky, dry, chalky feel to the coat which isn't very pleasing to touch and often makes your hands a little chalky feeling. Though we always try to send pups home relatively clean, with the exception of crusty slobber globs from friends, winter time is very hard. Some pups will go home feeling a little funky.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask!
Be sure to book any boarding stays for Christmas and New Years as soon as possible. Though we have yet to fill up for boarding, we come closer every year. To assure we have space and are staffed accordingly, please book in advance! 
Keep in mind that Christmas Day and New Years Day are holiday rates for the daycare portion. Instead of punching your daycare pass, we will be charging a flat rate of $45 for daycare. Dogs departing prior to 10am on holidays will NOT be charged for the day however, evening arrivals on holidays are still subject to the full daycare charge instead of the usual $16 evening arrival fee. Holiday hours are 8am-5pm, we do still allow off hour drop offs and pick ups so if you need to arrive earlier or pick up later, please call ahead to schedule.

As you know, last week we had Santa and his elf over to visit the good boys and girls at Happy Hounds. Though must were thrilled to meet the guy, others opted for solo shots. Regardless, the event was a blast and the pups had a good time romping with friends before and after the special meet and greet. If you missed the photos, have no fear, click


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Save th e date!
Happy Hounds celebrates our dog birthdays every third Monday of the month! 
Our December  cake will be served up on
Monday, Dec 17th!

You work that hat, Kevy. 
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K9 Turbo Training
We're happy to announce our new partnership with
K9 Turbo Training!

For detailed class information, visit our  Training Page

For more information on the trainers,
visit  K9 Turbo Training 's Website

If you're interested in getting your pooch groomed, trimmed, bathed or even a quick mani/pedi, let Happy Hounds know when you book your pooch for Daycare or Boarding! After all, the only thing better than a tired pooch is a clean one!!

You may also set up an appointment through our website. Visit our
Doggy Donation Bin!

'Tis the season for giving back!
As we've done in the past, we will be accepting donations  for
  Last Day Dog Rescue . If you have any blankets, towels, dog bed, unopened food, unopened treats or toys that you'd like to donate bring it on by! There will be a bin in the lobby where donations will be kept. 
Wish List
Gently used or new bath towels
Blankets & Pet Beds
Dry food(unopened)
Canned food
Clumping and non-clumping litter
Canned spray cheese/peanut butter
Toys & bones
Gift cards from p et supply stores
And much  more

Happy Hounds' Dog of the Month

Meet Daisy

Daisy, a goldendoodle, joined the Happy Hounds family in January 2016 at the age of 2.

Don't let her pristine, good girl image fool you, Daisy is about 50% sass and 50% strong, independent woman. The only man this girl needs in her life is her dad. 

At daycare, one of her favorite things to do is play Head Coach during an epic game of pack fetch. She has no problem scolding her team with sassy barks for fumbling the ball. Occasionally she enjoys dabbling in the game but it's always short lived when one of her rivals chases the same ball as her. This girl doesn't have time for that competitive nonsense so instead, she stomps her feet in protest and let's out a catty scoff as she prances away.

Though most of her day is spent on puppy patrol, ruffereeing and keeping everyone in line, Daisy does enjoy a good ol' fashion romp with a friend. If and when she does play one on one, she makes sure to choose an unlikely playmate... Typically an overly rambunctious friend. It all begins with a stare off, a couple bounces filled with happy barks and a twirl that even an Olympic skater would marvel at. 10/10 for technique and form. We'll be rooting for you at the 2022 Winter Olympics!

December Birthday Dogs
These wonderful Happy Hounds pups celebrate another joyous, fun loving, bone-chewing birthday!

Casey C. - 10 years - 12/1
Trooper H. - 3 years - 12/1
Milo B. - 5 years - 12/2
Millie R. - 4 years - 12/3
Scout K. - 1 year - 12/8
Rhymni R. - 3 years - 12/9
Charlie W. - 10 years - 12/10
Hailey K. - 4 years - 12/10
MJ C. - 1 year - 12/10
Ziva S. - 9 years - 12/10
Buster S. - 11 years - 12/11
Jimmie C. - 1 year - 12/12
Scout L. - 7 years - 12/14
Finley S. - 6 years - 12/15
Lulu D. - 5 years - 12/15
Heidi S. - 2 years - 12/17
Arthur R. - 12 years - 12/19
Scruffy P. - 12 years - 12/19
Clifford D. - 3 years - 12/20
Mac M. - 10 years - 12/21
Bandit W. - 3 years - 12/24
Wrigley M. - 10 years - 12/25
Kodi W. - 4 years - 12/26
Juneau L. - 6 years - 12/27
Murphy T. - 2 years - 12/27
Angus D. - 5 years - 12/28
Chip M. - 3 years - 12/28
Ruby M. - 2 years - 12/28
Quest B. - 7 years - 12/28
Gus H. - 11 years - 12/29
Kevin H. - 2 years - 12/29
Ridley G. - 3 years - 12/29

Birt hday dog or not, bring your pup in on
December 17th
t o enjoy cake with their favorite pooch pals. 

Important Reminders
Please leave nylabones and rawhides at home. If packing a large bag of food, be sure to write the amount per feeding on the bag.

* Lobby doors are locked between 10am and 2pm on weekdays(Monday-Friday). We will not accept any arrivals or departures during those hours.

*  Dogs with expired vaccines will not be accepted for daycare or boarding. We require an  updated vaccination record 48 hours BEFORE he/she arrives.  If you are traveling abroad, we also will need a local contact in case of emergency.

*  Your dog MUST have a snap "quick release" collar for day care and boarding, with
no tags attached. This is important for your dogs safety.

* Please let us know at least 24 hours ahead of time for cancellations and reservations.

*  Be sure to inform us of any changes in contact information; phone numbers, email/home address, emergency contact, etc.

*  If a family member or friend is picking up your pooch from daycare or boarding, you must pre-pay your bill. If it's a last minute decision to have someone else pick your pup up, please give us a call with payment and let us know who we should be expecting.

We'd be more than happy to take any and all plastic bags off of your hands.
About Happy Hounds
This summer we will be celebrating 13 great years of cage-free, fun-loving service with our day care facilities and our overnight lodging. Our staff is dedicated to your dog's fun and well-being. Please visit us online to learn about our services. You can also watch our doggie webcams anytime.
Happy Hounds
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