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January 2016

With every year, daycare and boarding facilities flourish more and more, Happy Hounds is no exception. Unlike other facilities, your pups are free to play, nap and relax as they please which makes Happy Hounds stand out from the rest. This last year we've said hello to many new faces, both canine and human; new pups, clients, staff members and partnerships with doggy businesses. As always, we thank you all for your support and giving us every reason to laugh and smile thanks to your furbabies. Of course, many thanks to each and every member of the Happy Hounds team. Happy Hounds would not be the success it is without them. This year we partnered with Animal Learning Systems to offer a family based obedience class, the talented staff at Britt's Bow Wow for all your pup's grooming needs and lastly,  Three Dog Bakery who is baking those scrumptious cakes your pups love so much. A huge thanks to everyone!

With all of this support from our extended Happy Hounds family, I know that 2016 will be a huge success! 


Christine Perez
Happy Hounds
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Save the date!
Happy Hounds celebrates our dog birthdays every third Monday of the month!  Our January cake will be served up on
Monday, January 18th!
Yes, Einstein, another year of play!

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Call Happy Hounds anytime!
Family Training Class
6 week course for dogs 8 weeks and older.

Curriculum includes: Leash Etiquette, Proper Play and
Socialization, Nuisance Behavior Prevention, Safety, Relaxation and
Distraction Training, House Training, Cage Training and Destruction

For information, contact Melody Huffer at
We're happy to announce our working relationship with Britt's Bow Wow Boutique & Spa!

If you're interested in getting your pooch groomed, trimmed, bathed or even a quick mani/pedi, let Happy Hounds know when you book your pooch for Daycare or Boarding! After all, the only thing better than a tired pooch is a clean one!!

You may also set up an appointment through our website. Visit our

Dogs of the Month

Meet Angel, a lab mix. Angel joined the Happy Hounds family in February 2010 at the age of 1. She is truly an angel. Angel has quite possibly one of the sweetest personalities. She wants nothing more than to comfort others and give endless amounts of loyalty, love and kisses.

Meet Gus, a labradoodle. Gus joined the Happy Hounds family in December 2010 at the age of 3. What a character! Gus is quite the talker. If he isn't too busy scratching his butt on people, pups or places, he's typically waddling around like a gump and trying his hardest to talk to us and his doggy friends. He definitely gives us every reason to smile.

Meet Satchel, a poodle. Satchel joined the Happy Hounds family in January 2014 at the age of 4. What a well mannered pooch! Satchel takes life extremely seriously. Even a fun game of fetch turns very competitive when he's around. He's always the first to catch and retrieve it. Satchel is the MVP of fetch.

Meet Shiloh, a husky mix. Shiloh joined the Happy Hounds family in February 2014 at the age  of 2. Don't let his size fool you, Shiloh is easily one of the most sensitive, biggest babies we have at Happy Hounds. Shiloh is like a big brother to all our goofy young boy pups. They just love him! He has no problem being a big tough brother... until it's pick up time and mom is running late. In which case, he'll lay by the gate and whine like a big baby. Ha! 
January Birthday Dogs
These wonderful Happy Hounds pups celebrate another joyous, fun loving, bone-chewing birthday!

Bob S. - 11 years - 1/1
Bogey S. - 7 years - 1/1
Crystal L. - 6 years - 1/1
Harry M. - 14 years - 1/1
Henry B. - 5 years - 1/1
Jack D. - 2 years - 1/1 
Kasper H. - 8 years - 1/1
Laila S. - 6 years - 1/1
Maisy B. - 7 years - 1/1
Midge S. - 9 years - 1/1
Milo M. - 12 years - 1/1
Nico F. - 6 years - 1/1
Nora S. - 5 years - 1/1
Odie K. - 12 years - 1/1
Rudolph I. - 7 years - 1/1
Sophie E. - 6 years - 1/1
Violet L. - 5 years - 1/1
Monterey J. - 11 years - 1/2
Finnley B. - 2 years - 1/3
Moses L. - 8 years - 1/3
Hope Ann G. - 4 years - 1/4
Lola S. - 1 year - 1/4
Charlee M. - 3 years - 1/5
Dex D. - 4 years - 1/5
Einstein A. - 6 years - 1/5
Lilly F. - 10 years - 1/6
Shamrock R. - 4 years - 1/6
Louie C. - 1 years - 1/7
Nikko F. - 9 years - 1/7
Tucker M. - 2 years - 1/7
Zoe K. - 11 years - 1/8
Audry S. - 4 years - 1/9
Nessie G. - 11 years - 1/9
Tesla S. - 1 year - 1/10
Brinkley M. - 3 years - 1/11
Cali A. - 6 years - 1/12
Bo D. - 10 years - 1/14
Luke S. - 12 years - 1/14
Vinny O. - 3 years - 1/14
Jackson F. - 7 years - 1/15
Leo D. - 3 years - 1/15
Buddy G. - 7 years - 1/18
Dodi T. - 9 years - 1/18
Mason S. - 8 years - 1/18
Rumba C. - 12 years - 1/20
Mia B. - 6 years - 1/21
Nikki R. - 14 years - 1/21
Oliver R. - 6 years - 1/22
Yukon T. - 8 years - 1/23
Minnie K. - 11 years - 1/25
Sydney D. - 6 years - 1/25
Bo T. - 9 years - 1/26
Roscoe B. - 5 years - 1/26
Duncan M. - 9 years - 1/27
Groot R. - 1 year - 1/28
Shiloh E. - 4 years - 1/28
Timujin B. - 7 years - 1/28
Aaron L. - 7 years - 1/30
Cubby A. - 10 years - 1/30
Millie W. - 2 years - 1/30
Daisy S. - 10 years - 1/31
Maggie C. - 8 years - 1/31

Birthday dog or not, bring your pup in on
Monday, January 18th 
t o enjoy cake with their favorite pooch pals.  
2015 Boarding Winners
Every year we offer prizes to the pups who have spent the most nights boarding and have the highest number of boarding stays. Our 2015 winners are:

Total Nights Snuggling 
  • Belle M. - 95
  • Duncan M. - 75
  • Midge S. - 41
  • Pippin T. - 39
  • Lily N. - 38
  • Addie E. - 37

Total Slumber Parties Attended
  • Gunner H. - 24
  • Satchel H. - 20
  • Comet K. - 17
  • Haley & Max F. - 17
  • Sashia O. - 17
  • Sam G. - 17

All of these pups will be receiving a prize! 
Help Buddy Find a Home!
Meet Buddy, a handsome young man looking for a loving, active home! Due to medical reasons, Buddy's loving parents must rehome him. As much as it breaks their hearts, they will stop at nothing to find the proper family. Buddy is a goofy 65lb, 2 year old flat coat retriever mix. He joined the Happy Hounds family in April 2014 at the age of 6 months. Since day one, this boy has been nothing but fun-loving and friendly. Buddy truly loves everyone and everything. He's an extremely loyal, affectionate, people pleaser that would benefit from additional positive-based training. Buddy would flourish in an active home where walks and outdoor play time are abundant. He'd love to have a doggy sibling to wrestle and chase or perhaps indulge in frequent visits to the dog park and doggy day care. As most retrievers do, he LOVES water! During the summer, he's often found hogging a pool, splashing the day away with his best friend, Georgia. He'd be a great dog to take to the lake for family picnics!

Buddy's parents have asked us to help pre-screen potential adopters, so if you or someone you know is interested in adopting him, give us a call! Of course, Buddy will forever be welcomed at Happy Hounds.
Friendly Reminders
When boarding your dog with us, we MUST hav e your dogs updated vaccination records 48 hours BEFORE he/she begin boarding.  If you are traveling abroad, we also will need a local contact in case of emergency.

Your dog MUST have a snap "quick release" collar for day care and boarding, with no tags attached. You can keep the snap collar in your Happy Hounds backpack.  If this is not his/her daily collar we will change it out when your dogs arrive at Happy Hounds. This is important for your dogs safety.

Be sure to inform us of any changes in contact information; phone numbers, email/home address, emergency contact, etc.

If a family member or friend is picking up your pooch from daycare or boarding, you must pre-pay their bill. If it's a last minute decision to have someone else pick your pup up, please give us a call with payment and let us know who we should be expecting.

We'd be more than happy to take any and all plastic bags off of your hands.
About Happy Hounds
This last summer we celebrated 11 great years of cage-free, fun-loving service with our day care facilities and our overnight lodging. Our staff is dedicated to your dog's fun and well-being. Please visit us online to learn about our services. You can also watch our doggie webcams anytime.
Happy Hounds
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