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July 2017

July is finally here!

Summer is a busy boarding time for us at Happy Hounds. If you're planning a weekend getaway or camping trip with the kids and need lodging for your pooch, be sure to let us know as soon as possible. Though we have never filled up for boarding, we want to make sure we have an accurate number of staff nightly. We like to limit our number of boarding pooches per staff member at night to assure everyone has enough space and to make sure all our pups get ample one on one snuggle and massage time. 

As always, let us know of any changes in your standing reservation. We'd be more than to accommodate you and your pup's busy summer schedule.


Happy Hounds
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Save the date!
Happy Hounds celebrates our dog birthdays every third Monday of the month! 
Our July  cake will be served up on
Monday, July 17th!

Yes, Dulli, you DO have to share. There's enough cake to go around!

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Family Training Class
6 week course for dogs 8 weeks and older.

Curriculum includes: Leash Etiquette, Proper Play and
Socialization, Nuisance Behavior Prevention, Safety, Relaxation and
Distraction Training, House Training, Cage Training and Destruction

For information, contact
We're happy to continue our working relationship with
MC Pet Concierge 

If you're interested in getting your pooch groomed, trimmed, bathed or even a quick mani/pedi, let Happy Hounds know when you book your pooch for Daycare or Boarding! After all, the only thing better than a tired pooch is a clean one!!

You may also set up an appointment through our website. Visit our
4th of July Parade
"There outta be laws against about having this much fun!" 
- Jan, Happy Hounds Owner

We hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July, we sure did! Thanks for everyone who showed their support for Happy Hounds in the annual Good Morning America Parade in Plymouth. All the parents and pups did great! We're so proud of our ever growing family and it wouldn't exist without the love and loyalty from our extended two and four legged members. 

To view the photos from the parade, visit us on Flickr!

To view the home video we made of the parade, 
click the still below.
4th of July Parade!
Happy Hounds' Dog of the Month
Meet Penny

Penny, a Welsh Terrier, joined the Happy Hounds' family in February 2015 at the tender age of 4 months. Fearless and noble are two excellent choice words to label this 15lb soldier. Over the last two years we've watched Penny go through every life stage. At 4 months old, she would charge in like a fierce warrior, ready to take control of the entire pack, big ol' doggos included.  As time has gone by, she has mostly retired from her successful career as fun governor.Though she stills loves a good game of hide and go seek, hiding under the benches, shelves, cots, waiting for the prime time to bolt out and start a game of chase. She also enjoys spending most of her time leisurely playing with her best friend, Leo, where they take turns dragging each other around in circles by their feet. Once nap time strikes, Penny either runs to her shelf in the basement and curls up or finds the window with the most sun coming through for a nice afternoon nap. However, she will never, ever turn down a cuddle or even a nap perched across the staff's shoulders. This girl definitely knows how to work her pint sized, Teddy Bear looks. At pick up, she knows the second her carriage arrives. After charging through the Big Red Gate, she stands waiting, ready for her dad/valet to lower his arms for a free lift to her chariot. 
July Birthday Dogs
These wonderful Happy Hounds pups celebrate another joyous, fun loving, bone-chewing birthday!

A bby F. - 5 years - 7/1
Bo R. - 6 years - 7/1
JJ M. - 2 years - 7/1
Katie D. - 3 years - 7/1
Marley C. - 5 years - 7/1
Murphy F. - 12 years - 7/1
Penelope R. - 4 years - 7/1
Dulli H. - 5 years - 7/2
Olive F. - 4 years - 7/2
Derby P. - 5 years - 7/3
Cooper B. - 4 years - 7/4
Elliot B. - 1 year - 7/4
Felix T. - 3 years - 7/5
Quinn W. - 6 years - 7/5
Gus D. - 1 year - 7/6
Riley J. - 7 years - 7/6
Zoey B. - 2 years - 7/6
Guinness E. - 6 years - 7/8
Charlie S. - 8 years - 7/10
Gary D. - 12 years - 7/10
Gus M. - 3 years - 7/11
Max B. - 9 years - 7/11
Jules R. - 6 years - 7/12
Scout M. - 5 years - 7/12
Teddy S. - 14 years - 7/12
Rocoo T. - 1 year - 7/13
Charlie S. - 1 year - 7/14
Mitzi M. - 8 years - 7/15
Scout K. - 8 years - 7/15
Tippy D. - 8 years - 7/15
Vinny K. - 1 year - 7/16
Maize H. - 3 years - 7/18
Daisy S. - 1 year - 7/19
Gibby S. - 1 year - 7/19
Muffin V. - 2 years - 7/22
Primrose J. - 6 years - 7/22
Sarge H. - 4 years - 7/22
Snoop V. - 2 years - 7/22
Chance P. - 1 year - 7/25
Buffy G. - 10 years - 7/26
Dewey S. - 1 year - 7/27
Clyde D. - 3 years - 7/28
Penny M. - 10 years - 7/30
Barry M. - 1 year - 7/31

Birt hday dog or not, bring your pup in on
Monday, July 17th  t o enjoy cake with their favorite pooch pals. 

Plastic Bag S.O.S.
Plastic Bag Supply has reached a critically low level!

Here at Happy Hounds, we're always trying to better the environment by giving each and every donated grocery bag one last final hoo-rah(or poo-rah) before ending up in a landfill.

Do your part and recycle your leftover bags today!
Important Reminders
Please leave nylabones and rawhides at home. If packing a large bag of food, be sure to write the amount per feeding on the bag.

* Lobby doors are locked between 10am and 2pm on weekdays(Monday-Friday). We will not accept any arrivals or departures during those hours.

*  Dogs with expired vaccines will not be accepted for daycare or boarding. We require an  updated vaccination record 48 hours BEFORE he/she arrives.  If you are traveling abroad, we also will need a local contact in case of emergency.

*  Your dog MUST have a snap "quick release" collar for day care and boarding, with
no tags attached. This is important for your dogs safety.

* Please let us know at least 24 hours ahead of time for cancellations and reservations.

*  Be sure to inform us of any changes in contact information; phone numbers, email/home address, emergency contact, etc.

*  If a family member or friend is picking up your pooch from daycare or boarding, you must pre-pay your bill. If it's a last minute decision to have someone else pick your pup up, please give us a call with payment and let us know who we should be expecting.

We'd be more than happy to take any and all plastic bags off of your hands.
About Happy Hounds
This coming summer we will be celebrating 13 great years of cage-free, fun-loving service with our day care facilities and our overnight lodging. Our staff is dedicated to your dog's fun and well-being. Please visit us online to learn about our services. You can also watch our doggie webcams anytime.
Happy Hounds
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