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June 2016

To our wonderful pup parents,
Thanks to our beautiful Memorial weekend, the hot weather brought out the best in the dogs. The crazy play outside is surely in full swing and we spend most mornings outside with the pups until lunchtime.
June will bring about some changes in classroom rosters and the daily packs that formed great friendships over the last 9 months. Summer vacations start with family travel and happily we get to see the pups we haven't had fun with since last year, it's exciting. With the daily mix of daycare dogs taking summer off and vacation dogs staying with us through August, your boys and girls are sure to be well cared for in a manner of kings and queens.
                And finally the exciting news for July. MC Pet Concierge will be closed July 1st through July 12th. They will resume business on July 13th. If you'd like to get a bath, groom or nail trim scheduled before then, please let Happy Hounds know.  Happy Hounds will be, for the first time, participating in Plymouth's Good Morning America Parade on July 4th at 9am. Happy Hounds will be strutting it's four paws with a specially designed and custom built float provided by the Detroit Parade Company. Here's the catch, Happy Hounds would not be successful if it weren't for the great parents like you. We need your help and four legged friend, too. Happy Hounds will be taking volunteers to walk with the float in the parade with their pooch to represent, give thanks to the City of Plymouth and celebrate American's Independence. Happy Hounds will provide T-shirts and cool patriotic vests for your pup to walk in. We will take the first 25-30 volunteers that email their reservations to plymouthdogmom@msn.com to walk with us. An after party of lunch will be provided on site at Happy Hounds to celebrate and a free day of daycare to each participant will be earned for marching. All are welcome to attend the lunch party, please reserve for either event. Older dogs can ride on the float with owners provided they are comfortable and space is limited to six dogs.
                I'm excited, this will be fun and cannot wait. See you there!

Christine Perez 
Happy Hounds

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Save the date!
Happy Hounds celebrates our dog birthdays every third Monday of the month!  Our May  cake will be served up on Monday, June 20th!

Yes, Clyde, your friends will all be there to help you celebrate.

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6 week course for dogs 8 weeks and older.

Curriculum includes: Leash Etiquette, Proper Play and
Socialization, Nuisance Behavior Prevention, Safety, Relaxation and
Distraction Training, House Training, Cage Training and Destruction

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We're happy to announce our working relationship with
MC Pet Concierge 

If you're interested in getting your pooch groomed, trimmed, bathed or even a quick mani/pedi, let Happy Hounds know when you book your pooch for Daycare or Boarding! After all, the only thing better than a tired pooch is a clean one!!

You may also set up an appointment through our website. Visit our

MC Pet Concierge will be closed July 1st through July 12th. They will resume business on July 13th. If you'd like to get a bath, groom or nail trim scheduled before then, please let Happy Hounds know.

Dogs of the Month

Meet Duke, a black lab. Duke joined the Happy Hounds family in February 2013 at the age of 6 years. What a big goof. This mugshot pretty much explains his entire being. Duke is full of great humor and a sweet disposition. Like a typical lab, Duke would sell a limb for an opportunity to snack. Come feeding time, his true, demanding colors shine through. He's often the first to get in line at the feeding room door and the last to leave. Though he is very smart, he seems to think every time that door opens, it's opening just for him. Oh Duke...

Meet Griswold, a Pomeranian. Griswold joined the Happy Hounds family in September 2012 at the age of 7 months. Griswold has always been hanging out with the big dogs ever since joining our big furry family at 7 months. His favorite thing next to bossing them around is to herd and chase the pups splashing in the pool or playing fetch. Don't like his super cute, fluffy self fool you, Griswold takes orders from no one. Unless they're demands for cuddles. He will never pass up that opportunity.

Meet Pepper, a Pomeranian mix and his sister, Goldie, a Chihuahua. Pepper joined the Happy Hounds family in August 2008 at the age of  7 years old. Pepper is our cute little lion. He's very easy going and enjoys spending time with all the dogs. He's often found playing with all the young, energetic whippersnappers. Pepper follows them everywhere! After a long day of hanging out with the youngens, Pepper is eager to hunt down his sister, Goldie, and curl up for a nap. Goldie joined the Happy Hounds in July 2012 at the age of 7 years old. She was adopted after spending the first 7 years of her life living in a horrific hoarding situation. Despite the trauma she's faced, this little lady lets nothing phase her. She's quite the little trooper! Goldie is fearless and so easy going. She enjoys the company of dogs of all sizes and walks of life. Not to mention this girl could nap or eat anything at any time in any place. She's a wonderful little addition to the pack.

June Birthday Dogs
These wonderful Happy Hounds pups celebrate another joyous, fun loving, bone-chewing birthday!

Apollo H. - 9 years - 6/1
Bella G. - 7 years - 6/1
Dutchess K. - 2 years - 6/1
Juno L. - 7 years - 6/1
Nikki D. - 8 years - 6/1
Niko P. - 9 years - 6/1
Romeo H. - 5 years - 6/1
Rubin C. - 1 year - 6/1
Rocky H. - 2 years - 6/3
Bailey F. - 1 year - 6/4
Gunner M. - 6 years - 6/5
Teddy D. - 12 years - 6/5
Tucker A. - 7 years - 6/5
Max B. - 3 years - 6/6
Clyde G. - 2 years - 6/7
Coleman G. - 5 years - 6/8
Dominic L. - 1 year - 6/9
Gracie V. - 15 years - 6/12
Maggie V. - 14 years - 6/12
Rai R. - 1 year - 6/12
Brady M. - 3 years - 6/15
Daisey S. - 11 years - 6/15
Punkin C. - 2 years - 6/15
Bella J. - 8 years - 6/16
Kyra F. - 5 years - 6/17
Dixie S. - 9 years - 6/18
Mya W. - 2 years - 6/18
Nina M. - 4 years - 6/19
Arlo G. - 4 years - 6/20
Jake C. - 5 years - 6/20
Koko F. - 5 years - 6/20
Baxter C. - 9 years - 6/22
Sadie B. - 12 years - 6/23
Goldie F. - 5 years - 6/24
Zeke H. - 9 years - 6/24
Annie F. - 1 year - 6/25
Brisco B. - 5 years - 6/25
Ollie C. - 7 years - 6/25
Finnegan M. - 8 years - 6/27
Nala M. - 7 years - 6/28

Birthday dog or not, bring your pup in on
Monday, June 20th
t o enjoy cake with their favorite pooch pals.   

Reverse Sneeze
Reverse sneezing is a relatively common respiratory condition in dogs that is normally triggered off by a spasm in the pooch's soft palate. It is often referred to as "reverse sneeze" because during the event, the dog is gasping air heavily inward, instead of simply expelling it, like in a typical sneeze. During a reverse sneeze, dogs extend their neck as they gasp with loud and strong grunting sound. Since the trachea becomes narrow, it's even harder for dogs to get a sufficient amount of air into their lungs. As a result, their chest might expand as they try to inhale. Each occurrence of reverse sneezing only lasts for just a couple of minutes or less. The episode normally ends on its own without posing any threat to your dog's health. Dogs appear normal both before and right after the event, without after effects.

Reverse sneezing can be set off by a wide variety of irritants and some forms of dog allergies. Pollen, dust, mites, viruses, post-nasal drip, nasal inflammation, perfumes, and household cleaners or chemicals are some of the known triggering factors.

Possible Treatments
  • Antihistamines. If allergies have been discovered to be the main cause of the problem, antihistamine medications can be administered. Your vet may prescribe drugs if mites are found in the dog's laryngeal area.
  • Massage. To help stop the spams, just rub Fido's throat gently.
  • Others. You can also try to cover your pooch's nostrils to help him swallow; clearing out whatever trigger is setting off the episode.You may also try depressing Fido's tongue to open his mouth and help air to move through his nasal passages.

Although any dog breed can experience this fairly common respiratory condition, it is more widespread in smaller pooches. Short-faced dogs like Boxers, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, Pugs, and Shih Tzus are found to be more at risk of reverse sneezing.

To learn more, visit The Dogington Post
Friendly Reminders
*  When boarding your dog with us, we MUST hav e your dogs updated vaccination records 48 hours BEFORE he/she begin boarding.  If you are traveling abroad, we also will need a local contact in case of emergency.

*  Your dog MUST have a snap "quick release" collar for day care and boarding, with no tags attached. You can keep the snap collar in your Happy Hounds backpack.  If this is not his/her daily collar we will change it out when your dogs arrive at Happy Hounds. This is important for your dogs safety.

*  Be sure to inform us of any changes in contact information; phone numbers, email/home address, emergency contact, etc.

*  If a family member or friend is picking up your pooch from daycare or boarding, you must pre-pay their bill. If it's a last minute decision to have someone else pick your pup up, please give us a call with payment and let us know who we should be expecting.

We'd be more than happy to take any and all plastic bags off of your hands.
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This summer we will be celebrating 12 great years of cage-free, fun-loving service with our day care facilities and our overnight lodging. Our staff is dedicated to your dog's fun and well-being. Please visit us online to learn about our services. You can also watch our doggie webcams anytime.
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