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June 2014

This year we celebrate Happy Hounds 10th Anniversary. Be sure to mark your calendar for some extra special fun on Saturday July 12 through Sunday July 13 (which coincides with Art in the Park here in Plymouth.) We will have some delicious treats for you and your pup and you will have a chance to meet fellow Happy Hounders...

Summer-Time comes with all sorts of our buddies who love to swim! We love playing in the water with them early in the mornings before the heat of the day. Then its usually dry off time in the PM after 2. There are the usual kids that just can't leave the hose alone and always stay wet, Sorry....
Plus Happy Hounds staff works diligently to keep up on those ADORABLE photo moments during each day/night. Be sure to check out our website often to see if your pup grabbed a shot in the lens.
New Training Class Begins June 10
New Training classes start June 10-July 15, the well-mannered dog and dog clown class, now earlier times so you can still enjoy your summer. Last month proved to be a very successful training course by our own Valerie Wells, and newly graduated well-mannered pooches entered the world....
Call today to reserve your space in the next  six week class. 734-459-3647.

Happy Belated May Birthdays to Jasmine and Augie!

Our June Birthday Party Takes Place Monday 6/23
Let's Offer A Huge Howl For Our June Birthday Dogs:

Romeo H., Smokey D., Teddy D., Comet M., Maggie V., Daisey S., Bella J., Scooter F., Nina M., Arlo G., Max B., Coleman G., Apolla H., Nikki D., Juno L., Gracie V., Brady M., Lily N., Jake C., Bella G., Pookie H., Zeke H., Ollie C., Brisco B., Kona S., Murphy G.
Meet This Month's Happy Pups

This handsome man is Brody, a belgion malinois. Brody joined the Happy Hounds family in September of 2008 at the age of 4 months. Instead of having the usual wrestling buddy, Brody is often playing with multiple dogs at once. He likes to think he's the chief of the pack. It's an extremely exhausting job of policing all the dogs at play!

This lovely lady is Daisy, a bull terrier. Daisy joined the Happy Hounds family in October of 2009 at the age of two. Talk about Ms. Personality! When she isn't napping by the vents, hogging all the heat or cool air, she enjoys playing tug with her best friends. Daisy has perfected the art of 'bully run'. She's hysterical when she spins out from under dogs and charges them with a little bunny hop.

This dashing fellow is Jake, a hound mix. Jake joined the Happy Hounds family in June of 2008 at the age of five. He truly is a gentleman! Even at lunch time, he'll be summoned for his lunch and instead of barging through the pack, he'll wait for a personal escort. He wouldn't dare cut in line!

This adorable little guy is Lewie, a lab mix. Lewie joined the Happy Hounds family in August of 2008 at the age of 4 months. He quite possibly has the sweetest baby face! Lewie is an extremely friendly boy. He enjoys meeting all the new pups and is often first to instigate play with them. When he's not welcoming the new dogs into the pack, he's found curled up with a few friends, napping away!
Late Nite Date Nite June 26
LATE NITE - DATE NITE continues Thursday June 26. You can drop your dog off at 7 p.m. and pick them up as late as midnight. We'll make sure your dog is well cared for and has some really good play time, so when you're ready to go to bed, so is your dog!

Here's the LATE NITE - DATE NITE schedule:
June 26, July 24, Aug. 28, Sept. 25, Oct. 20
Call to reserve your special evening. The regular day rate of $33 applies to LATE NITE - DATE NITE stays.
Some Important Safety Reminders
When boarding your dog with us, we MUST have your dogs updated vaccination records 48 hours BEFORE he/she begin boarding. If you are traveling abroad, we also will need a local contact in case of emergency.
* Your dog MUST have a snap "quick release" collar for day care and boarding, with no tags attached.  If this is not his/her daily collar you can keep the snap collar in you Happy Hounds backpack and we will change it out when your dogs arrive at Happy Hounds.  This is important for your dog's safety.

* Current vaccine records are required to attend daycare or lodging. If expired by 1 month or longer, you will be reminded that your pooch cannot play at Happy Hounds.

* Reservations are required to attend daycare 24 hours prior to the playdate, email reservations or phone ahead please.

* Please keep your best friend's nails clipped so that they can play safely.
We look forward to helping you with all your dog's needs in a fun, safe and cage-free environment!
Be sure to make your daily reservations 24 hours in advance, and boarding reservations early for summer. We do not like to have to turn away any pup the chance for play but we do get full...

Remember, we are the real deal when it comes to cage-free. You won't find one on the premises. We are cage-free 24/7!




Christine Perez
Manager Happy Hounds
734-459-DOGS (3647)