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November 2019

Effective immediately, for the safety of clients and every dog, all dogs MUST be leashed when entering or leaving the facility. Though all of our pups are friends indoors, some don't share mom and dad well while others can get reactive and defensive on leash.

Be sure to check the lobby of other clients prior entering.  If there's already a family in the lobby, please wait your turn outside.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! We have a few boarding spots available for any last minute boarding reservations. The daycare fee for Thanksgiving will be a premium of $45 as opposed to the regular $35 with shortened business hours of 8am-5pm.

To avoid receiving our monthly automated expired vaccination email, please provide updated records after your pooch receives them. Most vets will be more than happy to fax or email us a copy day of. Alternatively, you can always email clear photos or scans to  HappyHoundsDaycare.MI@Gmail.com 

As a small, growing business, feedback is very important to us! If you have a moment, would you mind leaving a review on our  Facebook page or  Google page about your experiences with us? We'd love to know how we're doing! 


Happy Hounds
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Save the date!
Happy Hounds celebrates our dog birthdays every third Monday of the month! 
Our Nov  cake will be served up on
Monday, Nov. 18th!

You strike that pose, birthday boy!
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If you're interested in getting your pooch groomed, trimmed, bathed or even a quick mani/pedi, let Happy Hounds know when you book your pooch for Daycare or Boarding! After all, the only thing better than a tired pooch is a clean one!!

You may also set up an appointment through our website. Visit our
Bros of the Month
Meet Felix & Trooper

Felix, a mini doodle, joined the Happy Hounds family in June2015 at 11 months of age. At the beginning of his HH Wrestling career, Felix dominated the ranks, regardless of his lightweight status. 

As he matured, his family welcomed home a sibling and these two just hit it off. Enter Trooper. Trooper, terrier mix, joined the Happy Hounds family inJanuary 2017 at one year of age. Don't let his big bearded, bad boy image fool you, Trooper is nothing but a big softy at heart. 

Since day one, these two were instant Bros 4 Lyfe, a total packaged deal. Basically, Trooper is the Yin and Felix's Yang, the Pennywise to Felix's Georgie. They share ladies just as well as they do their lunch. 

If they're not playing "gotchur nose with a staff member, they can often be found wrestling amongst each other or a mutually chosen friend. Regardless of how long their HH career will be, I'm certain these two will forever hold the bragging rights to be the ultimate lightweight tag team champions.
2020 Calendars
The official 2020 Happy Hounds Calendars have arrived!!
Be sure to snag one for you and one for a friend. They are free to good home!
November Birthday Dogs
These wonderful Happy Hounds pups celebrate another joyous, fun loving, bone-chewing birthday!

Philip H. - 2 years - 11/1
Diggy E. - 2 years - 11/2
Dishoom B. - 7 years - 11/2
Natty Ice L. - 2 years - 11/4
Gus K. - 1 year - 11/5
Zeus P. - 1 year - 11/5
Finlee K. - 1 year - 11/6
Stella A. - 5 years - 11/6
Max F. - 10 years - 11/11
Doug G. - 2 years - 11/12
Riley P. - 3 years - 11/14
Sheffield M. - 5 years - 11/15
Zia H. - 7 years - 11/15
Reggie R. - 3 years - 11/16
Barkley R. - 7 years - 11/17
Zoe F. - 4 years - 11/17
Clare M. - 4 years - 11/18
Hattie K. - 4 years - 11/19
Larry S. - 1 year - 11/21
Luke S. - 9 years - 11/22
Baxter B. - 5 years - 11/24
Ripley M. - 2 years - 11/24
Pippin T. - 8 years - 11/26
Max H. - 14 years - 11/28
Lulu F. - 8 years - 11/29

Birt hday dog or not, bring your pup in on
Mon., Nov 18th  t o enjoy cake with their favorite pooch pals. 

Important Reminders
Please leave nylabones and rawhides at home. If packing a large bag of food, be sure to write the amount per feeding on the bag.

* Lobby doors are locked between 10am and 2pm on weekdays(Monday-Friday). We will not accept any arrivals or departures during those hours.

*  Dogs with expired vaccines will not be accepted for daycare or boarding. We require an  updated vaccination record 48 hours BEFORE he/she arrives.  If you are traveling abroad, we also will need a local contact in case of emergency.

*  Your dog MUST have a snap "quick release" collar for day care and boarding, with
no tags attached. This is important for your dogs safety.

* Please let us know at least 24 hours ahead of time for cancellations and reservations.

*  Be sure to inform us of any changes in contact information; phone numbers, email/home address, emergency contact, etc.

*  If a family member or friend is picking up your pooch from daycare or boarding, you must pre-pay your bill. If it's a last minute decision to have someone else pick your pup up, please give us a call with payment and let us know who we should be expecting.

We'd be more than happy to take any and all plastic bags off of your hands.
About Happy Hounds
This coming summer we will be celebrating 13 great years of cage-free, fun-loving service with our day care facilities and our overnight lodging. Our staff is dedicated to your dog's fun and well-being. Please visit us online to learn about our services. You can also watch our doggie webcams anytime.
Happy Hounds
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