June 3, 2017
Capitol Update
Representative Jeni Arndt- HD 53
Assistant Caucus Chair; Chair of Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources Committee; 
Member of Business Affairs and Labor Committee
Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Please join me, Representative Joann Ginal, and Senator John Kefalas for a Happy Hour at Horse and Dragon Brewery! We will be answering questions from 6pm-7:30pm on Tuesday, June 6th. It should be a little easier to hear this time for those of you who attended my end of session wrap-up last month! 

(Yesterday's bill signing of HB1231)
Since the end of session, I have had a few more bill signings and local events. The first was for SB 129 & 140 to end the Torrens registration system and simplify future land title registration. HB 1231 was signed to reorganize and clarify statutes governing the commissioner of insurance to better examine companies engaged in the business of insurance. Last month, I spoke at the Tri-Cities Water Meeting between the cities of Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley. I will also be speaking at the Denver Botanic Gardens for the 2017 Watershed Summit.

I have a busy June ahead of me, starting next weekend in New Orleans for the National Conference of State Legislatures' Agriculture Task Force. The task force will meet to discuss policy options to address critical agriculture needs and issues rural communities are facing. After that, I'll head up to Telluride for the  Colorado Foundation for Water Education's Southwest Basin Tour, where I'll visit sites and projects up and down the San Miguel River and Dolores River. 
I always look forward to hearing from my constituents, so please give me a call at 970-231-5090 if there is anything you want to meet with me to discuss. I always run five bills that come straight from my constituents, so please reach out if you have any ideas for future legislation.


Representative Jeni Arndt | (303) 866-2917 | jeniarndt53@gmail.com |

Happy Hour
Horse & Dragon Brewery 
124 Racquette Dr,
Ft Collins, CO, 80524
Tuesday, June 6th