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Hey Everyone... How was your week??? I got to meet with several of my BFFs this past week so I am HAPPY and INSPIRED to kick ass for the rest of 2015.

My most exciting news is that I am launching my new VIDEO COURSE November 4th on Creating Your Ideal Life. DETAILS HERE. It's FREE so you have nothing to lose! SIGN UP HERE!!

Other than that I am on DAY 10 of my bike streak. In our I HEART BEING FIT group we are all picking a healthy streak to do for November so join us there!!

I am looking for sponsors for my 2016 season now! Currently I am doing 3 70.3 races, 1 Ironman, and several races in-between such as the Horestooth Half, Triple By-Pass, and the Horsetooth 10K Swim. Here are the details on the  SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES for your biz or cause. 

I am  grateful for the pool. Last week I swam 5 days to help my body recover from my 7 marathons in 7 days and it felt AMAZING!!! I feel fully recovered and ready for my next challenge!!

Hope you are doing LOTS of things that you love this week!

Happy Hump Day!!

See you next week!!
Kirsten :)

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EASY Vegan Meals...

Raw Pad Thai
So I started back up eating RAW one day a week...RAWednesday! YAY!! My body LOVES raw and I feel SO great all day. I kept it simple by eating mostly fruit, veggies, and nuts, but decided to make something more difficult for dinner. It took me about 30 minutes with all the chopping and whisking, but still pretty simple compared to most meals. was AMAZINGLY delish and I had leftovers for Thursday! BONUS!!!

Toss together the following veggies in a giant bowl...
2 zucchinis peeled strips or spiralized
2 carrots shredded, peeled, or spiralized
2 c bean sprouts
2 c purple cabbage shredded or cut up
1 red bell pepper chopped
1 c cilantro chopped
1 clove garlic minced
1 inch ginger minced

Whisk together the following in a separate bowl...
1/4 c raw almond butter
1/2 cup raw pistachios chopped finely in vitamix
1/4 c grade B maple syrup
1/4 c  Nama Shoyu
1 lime juiced

Pour the wet stuff over the veggies and toss!! AND EAT! YUM!!!!

Follow me on Periscope @throwtogethervegan for more easy vegan meals and snacks!

Workout of the Week...BIKE!!

Each week I will feature a swim, bike, run, strength, core, or flexibility workout.


A great way to get faster on the bike is to do sprints. As we age and/or become more sedintary, our bodies need to be reminded what going fast feels like in order to keep the "fast-twitch" muscles firing. IMO sprint workouts are easiest to do indoors on your trainer or an indoor bike so there is little interruption, but if you have a nice long flat stretch of road with no traffic, stop signs, or lights, use it!!

Here is a fun sprint workout...

10:00 easy ride w 2x1:00 pickups (a little faster cadence, no need to add resistence)
:10 sprint/1:00 recovery
:20 sprint/1:00 recovery
:30 sprint/1:00 recovery
:40 sprint/1:00 recovery
:50 sprint/1:00 recovery
1:00 sprint/1:00 recovery
Repeat as many times as you want!!
10:00 easy ride, high cadence, low resistence, lots of slow deep breaths

NOTES: Sprint means AS FAST AS YOU CAN on a given resistence. To increase your heart rate and/or workload, increase your resistence during the sprints. Recovery is low resistence, high cadence, and should feel SUPER easy!!

And I am on DAY 10 of my BIKE STREAK!! Are you doing a streak right now???? SHARE HERE!!!

My 100th Blog Post...

Holy craziness! I can't believe this is my 100th blog post!!
I remember over 3 years ago my friend, mentor and marketing coach Tara said to me "Kir, you need to start a blog" and I stared at her blankly for maybe a minute and then said "ok?" And yes...that was a question!

I went home and proceeded to do nothing about it...which actually goes against the idea of our monthly meetings which require action.

This same scenario played out month after month for two years. The good thing was that every single time we "discussed it" (meaning she mentioned it and I felt like I was going to puke) it planted the seed in my mind over and over again until one day the seed couldn't stay under any longer.

"Ok!" I said...this time with an exclamation point, "What do I need to do?"

"Just start writing posts". And then the questions started filling my head!

Seriously? It's not that easy!

Kirsten McCay-Smith