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Hey everyone! How was your week? Mine was AWESOME! Finally getting my schedule under control! PHEW!! 

I ran a 5 mile AND a 10 mile race on Saturday and did SO GOOD!! PRs on both! And they were back to back! That excites me!!!

Other than that I am getting a little nervous...only 38 days until Oceanside 70.3. and less than 6 months until the IRONMAN!! I haven't been on my bike outside in almost 17 months. Starting in March I will take it outside every day it's not snowing or freezing :)

I am  grateful for my body being good to me even when I abuse it. I haven't been eating great the past few weeks but I still feel pretty good physically!

Happy Hump Day!!

See you next week!!
Kirsten :)

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Easy Vegan Meals
2 of My Faves

I want to give people the most delicious and exciting recipes I can find to give them a great plant-based experience. But the truth is, I won't ever make most of these meals myself because it seems like a lot of time, energy, and effort I would rather put into another part of my life.

Now if I had a personal chef, it would be an entirely different story!! I would have him make me these incredible and thoughtful dishes 24/7. But as it stands, it's just me and it's just not going to happen!


Check out my videos at  
for more easy vegan meals and snacks!
Workout of the Week...

Each week I will feature a swim, bike, run, strength, core, or flexibility workout.

Here is a fun swim workout chock full of equipment!! 
If you need or want more swim or tri equipment, here is a great website to check out


WU: 10x50 w fins alt kick/drill by 50
MS: 10x50 drill/swim by 25
10x50 kick hard/easy by 25
10x50 pull free/breast by 25
CD: 10x50 dolphin kick w fins
Total 2,500

I Crashed My Car 
and I Didn't Cry

Before I tell you what happened on Monday, let me just tell you a bit about myself and how I have dealt with money and financial crises over the past 30 years.

I have always had very unhealthy emotional issues when money was involved. I know the issue runs deeper than this, but usually it starts with "I never had any."

I have been known to cry my eyes out while talking with credit card companies, my bank, car dealerships, and utilities companies when my bill was $10 higher than I expected it to be or there was an extra charge I wasn't counting on for the month.

Kirsten McCay-Smith