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Hey Everyone!! Hope your week was AMAZING! I was sick most of the week but now that I feel better it reminds me how grateful I am that I am healthy and my body is strong and able. Plus I was watching past episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" and I am SUPER grateful I don't have any diseases or illnesses or injuries or anything needing medical care of surgeries.

Anyhoo...just grateful is all!

See you next week!!
Kirsten :)

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Easy Way to Get in your Fruits & Veggies

Typically once a day I will make a smoothie for one of my meals because it's suepr quick and easy and I can get in tons of fruits and veggies at once.

My favorite blend is...

Vegan Strawberry Shakeology

About my Vitamix


How to make a smoothie


Get your Vitamix here...

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Or here...

Workout of the Week...Run

Each week I will feature a swim, bike, run, strength, core, or flexibility workout.

This is one of my favorite run workouts. It requires a hill or a treadmill w an incline. The hill can be anywhere from 1/2-1 mile long. 

This workout is OPPOSITE of what a lot of coaches say to do, but I love it because it helps my leg speed, strength, AND it's "easy" enough that I will do it after a ride or if I am already tired, which I won't do if the workout is too daunting!

Walk as fast as you can UP the hill, run as fast as you can DOWN the hill, repeat as neccessary to get your mileage for the day in.


Reply back with any questions!!!
YES! Help me Bring Lazy Back!


Meghan Trainor may be bringing booty back (thanks for that BTW), but I am bringing lazy back!


I hear ALL THE TIME people saying "I'll do (blank) when my life slows down".


NEWSFLASH...Your life will NEVER slow down! If you want your life to slow down, YOU have to slow it down!


I used to pride myself on being the busiest person I knew. I would work 3 or more jobs, do graveyard and overnight shifts to get in extra hours, and pick up extra hours, side jobs, etc, just so I could maintain my status. I was praised constantly for how productive I was, for how responsible I was, and how much I could actually do in a single day.


When I started doing triathlon it was even better because I also needed to fit in training for 3 different sports. And I did, and I was showered with accolades for all I would accomplish in a single day.




Kirsten McCay-Smith