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HI!! This is my first weekly newsletter I am sending out and I need your help!! I want to deliver VALUE, VALUE, and more VALUE so I would be SUPER grateful if you could respond back and let me know your thoughts. 

To give you a heads up, this newsletter will be made up of my favorite vegan recipes, deets about healthy superfoods, tips on fitness/health, my fave tri workouts, and a look into my personal growth journey over the past 42 years. 

If NONE of these sound like anything you would be interested in, not to worry. Simply unsubscribe at the bottom of this newsletter! I won't take it personally! I have read The Four Agreements at least 20 times!!!

I am DOUBLE grateful you are in my life and TRIPLE grateful you are reading this!
My Famous Vegan Mashed Potatoes

My hubby is NOT vegan and is VERY picky about what he likes/dislikes for food. He LOVES these and asks for them weekly!!

8 red potatoes
4 tbsp Earth Balance "Butter"
2 tbsp Vegenaise
1 tsp Mineralize Sea Salt

Quarter the potatoes, add them to a pot and cover with water. Turn stove on high and set timer for 30 mins. Drain, mash, add ingredients, eat!  
Workout of the Week...Swim
Each week I will feature a swim, bike, run, strength, core, or flexibility workout.

This is a great swim workout for building strength and skill when you don't have a ton of pool time.

WU=Warm Up
MS=Main Set
CD=Cool Down
For a list of drills w video and more swim workouts, go to...

Short Strength Workout

WU: 8x125 drills w fins

MS: 9x125 alternate w buoy, head out of water drill, pull w/o paddles, pull w paddles (so 3x through)

4x50 sprint/easy by 25

CD: 125 Breast kick w board

50 easy

Total 2,500


Reply back or join here to ask questions.
Help! I Want and Need to Start a Meditation Practice

People always told me to meditate. My therapists, parents, friends, personal development gurus, everyone said I needed to do it because I am a shall I say it...high strung.


I would "try" and all that would happen is I would start making a list of everything I had (or wanted) to do that day, week, month, year, century, and it would get me either overwhelmed, anxious, excited, or a combo of all three, but enough energy was produced that I would snap out of my "relaxed" state after about 30 seconds and take action.




Kirsten McCay-Smith