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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! EEEEK! I am super excited for 2016...I can feel it...something INSANO is going to happen in my life this year! And it is going to ROCK MY WORLD!!!

Last week I did the longest swim of my life to ring in 2016. It was 16,000 yards! SO FUN!!

I also ran a 5K (time wasn't that was the same day as the 16K swim and I was beat) but I did win my age group! YAY! And I did a 10K this past weekend (again not the best time) but still made it under my goal time! 

A great start to my season!!! I "officially" started my tri training this week...first tri in 87 days!! YIKES!

I am  grateful for my SUCCESS CIRCLE group. We started as a book club for personal development a few years ago, and it's turned into a safe place we can share our hopes, dreams, fears, etc without judgement, shame, or embarrasement. PRICELESS!

Happy New Year and remember to LOVE YOURSELF and treat your body, heart, and soul with respect today and every day!

Happy Hump Day!!

See you next week!!
Kirsten :)

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Easy Vegan Meal
Indian Tacos

I made these last week for Taco Tuesday because I had very little in the way of groceries in the house after being in and out all week for the holidays. They turned out to be DELISH (and nutrish) so I thought I would share. This is the ultimate THROW TOGETHER VEGAN meal a sbasically I looked to see what I had in the house and tossed it all together!

-Corn Tortillas (check your ingredients to make sure they are vegan...AND the fewer ingredients the better)
-Bag of broccoli (I like frozen because it's cheap and doesn't go bad)
-3 cloves of garlic (you can use less...I love garlic)
-2 tbsp vegan mayo
-About a tsp of each of the spices I have pictured (turmeric, curry, fennel, cinnamon, cumin, ginger, garam masala, and cardamom...if you don't like one or can't find one, take it out, it will still be good as long as you use most of them)
-Cook broccoli in microwave
-While it's cooking, sautee garlic in olive oil for about a minute and then add spices
-Stir in broccoli
-Stir in vegan mayo
-Put into corn tortillas (I heat my tortillas in a pan w olive oil to make them soft or else they break apart because mine are home made in town with only corn, water, and salt)


Check out my videos at  
for more easy vegan meals and snacks!
Workout of the Week...

Each week I will feature a swim, bike, run, strength, core, or flexibility workout.

LOVED this swim workout I did yesterday! 
It went by so fast!
10x100 kick/drill w fins
200 breast kick w board
4x50 drill/build IM order
100 free on 1:30
50 fly on 1:00
100 free on 1:30
50 back on 1:00
100 free on 1:30
50 breast on 1:00
100 free on 1:30
50 free on 1:00
Repeat 4x
300 easy
Total 4,100


For all your swim and tri equipment needs (super cheap) go to

Happy Birthday Joey!

On Christmas Eve one year ago we started looking online to adopt a new dog...and by "we", I mean "me". Our last dog Sam had died in June and we were ready to add to the family again. I spent 2 days reading through profiles and when I came across Joey's, I was sold!!!

He said he was energetic and loved running but also loved being a couch potato! OMG! That is me to a tee! My ideal day would be running a marathon in the morning and then watching movies the rest of the day!! He was perfect!! Plus he was 2 years old (young enough to be part of the family for a long time but old enough to have already been trained) and small (we had never had a small dog, but were  living in an RV so it was time to downsize our dog).

Kirsten McCay-Smith