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Hey HHDBFFs (Happy Hump Day Best Friends Forever)...
How was your week??? Mine was better than last week...YAY!!! My sciatica is getting better. No pain just sore and achey now so I have run a couple times and it hasn't gotten worse...BONUS!!! Especially since I am running a marathon in 6 days! EEK!!!

This will be my 24th state (ND) and my 51st marathon! FUN!!

Other than that I am loving my 30 Day Smoothie Challenge, SLOWLY getting organized in the house, and finished the first draft of my RV LIVING book.

I am still looking for sponsors for my  7 Marathons in 7 States in 7 Days in October. Here are the details on the  SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES for your biz or cause. 

I am  grateful for time this past weekend to relax, nap, organize, hang, watch movies, read, run, walk, cook, and catch up on stuff!!!

Hope you are doing LOTS of things that you love this week!

Happy Hump Day!

See you next week!!
Kirsten :)

PS...If you don't want to get my newsletter, you can unsubscribe at the bottom! No hard feelings ;)
EASY Vegan Meals...

30 Day Smoothie Challenge
The easiest Vegan Meals I can imagine are smoothies. Basically you put a bunch of fruit and veggies into a high speed blender and 30 seconds later out comes a healthy meal. I am currently on day 9 of a 30 Day Smoothie Challenge to help me get re-focused on my health, weight, businesses, etc before the winter rolls in. Even after only 9 days I am feeling AMAZING! My brain, skin, and energy all feel much more clear!!

Here is my favorite smoothie I have had so far this month...


Follow me on Periscope @throwtogethervegan for a new smoothie every single day this month!!

Workout of the Week...BIKE!!

Each week I will feature a swim, bike, run, strength, core, or flexibility workout.

Bike Streak

The most comfortable and strongest I ever felt on a bike is after a long bike streak. When you do a streak YOU get to make the rules of your streak!! Here were my rules for my 411 day streak...

1. I had to bike at least 30 minutes every single day
2. It could be on a bike outside, on my trainer, or on a stationary bike at the gym
3. If I was tired or sore from a race, I could go as easy as I wanted to, as long as I did 30 minutes
4. My day was midnight to midnight so as long as I got my ride in before midnight it counted

I plan on starting another streak on October 19th and my goal is AT LEAST 294 days.

I challenge you to start a streak. If you don't love cycling, you can do walking or running or exercise in general!! Reach out if you want support and accountability!

What I Gave up for my Vitamix...

The year was 2012, summer was in full swing, the Tour de France had just started, and the Summer Olympics were on the horizon. I was finally recovered from my broken collar bone 3 months earlier and was working hard to earn enough money to buy a new bike by the end of the summer. Life was good!

Then my friend Wendy loaned me her copy of "Finding Ultra" a book written by vegan ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll. The book is compelling and inspiring (you can buy it here and made me REALLY want a Vitamix. But we seriously did not have $400 lying around.

Kirsten McCay-Smith