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Hey Everyone... How was your week??? I just finished DAY 10 of a challenge in an attempt to CRAM for my 7 marathons in 7 states in 7 days where I ran 10 miles a day for 10 days. I was pleasantly surprised how well my body felt!! Each night I drank a Vegan Shakeology and took an Epsom Salt bath before bed so those both helped a ton! I felt stronger each day! YAY!

Other than that I am getting excited to get back on my bike in 2 weeks!! I have been off it for an entire year!!! AND...super excited about my triathlon season next year with three 70.3 and an Ironman!!

I am looking for sponsors for my 2016 season now! Here are the details on the  SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES for your biz or cause. 

I am  grateful that we are in a position where we can take an 11 day road trip with our family and not stress about my hubby not getting paid for a week+. PROGRESS!!

Hope you are doing LOTS of things that you love this week!

Happy Hump's Hump Day somewhere right??

See you next week!!
Kirsten :)

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EASY Vegan Meals...

I have a recipe for delicious enchiladas! Even my #junkfoodhubby loves them! HOWEVER...the local market in our town DOES NOT carry vegan cheese or sour cream and I really wanted to make enchiladas tonight!

So I took what I had in the house and tossed it all together and IT WAS DELISH!!!

So I will post BOTH recipes for you today!!!

Original Recipe...
Corn Tortillas
Green Enchilada Sauce (check ingredients, not all are vegan)
Vegan Cheese of your choice (I like Daiya pepperjack shreds for enchiladas)
Oil of your choice

Preheat oven to 350.
In a frying pan, put a little oil in and place each tortilla in for 30 seconds on each side to soften and keep from cracking when you fill and roll it up.
Fill each tortilla w a small handful of cheese, roll it up, place in a baking pan.
Pour th e green enchilada sauce over the entire pan of rolled tortillas w cheese
Cover the whole thing with more cheese
Cover w aluminum foil and bake 30 minutes
Uncover for 5 and let cheese melt more
Top w vegan sour cream

New Recipe...
Corn Tortillas
Green Enchilada Sauce (check ingredients, not all are vegan)
Pico De Gallo
Avocado Hummus
Oil of your choice

Mix the hummus, pico, and cream cheese in a bowl.
Same instructions as above but put your mixture in each corn tortilla instead of the cheese.
Top w the green sauce and bake.

Follow me on Periscope @throwtogethervegan for more easy vegan meals and snacks!

Workout of the Week...FLEXIBILITY!!

Each week I will feature a swim, bike, run, strength, core, or flexibility workout.

Kicking with Fins in the Pool

OK...that pic is meant to be funny! PLEASE do not attempt to walk in anything resembling a high heeled fin! With that being said, my favorite way to stretch my feet, ankles, shins, calves, hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors is to do a long, easy kick set in the pool with FINS!!! Especially after running or biking or doing anything where my ankles and calves get super tight.

These are the actual FINS I have and you can order them at SWIM OUTLET. Here is my favorite kick set. It takes about 30 minutes so if you have less time, just cut everything down accordingly by distance, but keep all the different parts.

PS...for those of you NON-swmmers out there, 100=4 lengths of the pool

5x100 flutter kick with fins alternating kicking on front, back, side, other side by 25 (one length each)
5x100 dolphin kick with fins alternating front and back by 50 (two lengths each)
5x100 breaststroke kick with kick board (no fins for this one, this is a great way to stretch out your inner and outer thighs).

For more instructional videos on how to swim all four strokes join our I HEART SWIMMING group!

3...2...1...WE'RE DEBT FREE!!!

I have been listening to Dave Ramsey's podcast almost every single day for the past 2 years. It used to be only 40 minutes (schneriously???) but then last year they upped it to three 40 minutes segments a day...EUREKA!!

At least once every "hour" of his 3 hour a day radio show, Dave has people either call in or show up live in Tennessee to do their "debt free scream". This is where singles, couples, or families have paid off all their debt (some even pay off their mortgage, but that's not a requirement to complete 'baby step 2'...paying off all debts but your mortgage... to do your scream) and get interviewed by Dave who asks questions about why, how, etc.

The two minute interview culminates in the person (or people) who are now debt-free counting it down (3...2...1...) and then yelling at the top of their lungs "WE'RE DEBT FREEEEEEEE!!!" and the crowd goes wild! It's AWESOME!!!

Kirsten McCay-Smith