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Hey Everyone!! How was your week?? My computer crashed and I was FREAKING OUT!!! I have pretty much my entire businesses and many of my hobbies saved on it! And of course, I haven't backed anything up for like 6 years!!!

All is well, it is fixed, everything is saved, in place, and in tact as it should be! ALL IS WELL IN MY WOLRD!!!

Rocked my half marathon Sunday...1st place over 40...being old ROCKS!!!

Hope you are having an amazing day!

See you next week!!
Kirsten :)

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My Favorite "Raw Monday" Meal...

Last year I started "Raw Monday" where I was eating raw every Monday. It only lasted a few weeks but I would like to get back to eating more raw in my life.

This was my favorite raw recipe I discovered.

Raw Curry Carrot Salad

Here is my rendition of it...

Here is the original recipe...

My first raw food day...

My last raw food day...

More raw recipes here...
Workout of the Week...Strength

Each week I will feature a swim, bike, run, strength, core, or flexibility workout.

My favorite strength workouts are on the fit ball. Here is an upper body workout with dumbbells I love...

10 chest flys
10 best over rows
10 lat pullovers
10 shoulder press
10 tricep extensions
10 bicep curls
10 crunches
Repeat 3x

I like this order because it forces you to alternate laying on the ball and sitting on the ball for extra core work. 

To maximize the work in your core, keep your legs together in both positions. And when you're lying on the ball, keep your kips up and your neck relaxed.


Reply back with any questions!!!
Join our Pretty Girl Book Club!!


So my mom and my sister are avid "Book Club" ladies and I have always liked the idea of a Book Club, but have never been interested in reading fiction, get-togethers, or hanging out with people I don't know on nights where I could be snuggling with my doggie or watching movies with my hubby.


So I came up with the perfect solution. A non-fiction Book Club where we focused on personal growth, discussions in a Facebook group, and read/post at our own pace when it is convenient for us! YAY! Jackpot! And I called it "The Pretty Girl Book Club" because that would include ALL girls who want to be a part of this awesomeness!



Kirsten McCay-Smith