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Hey Everyone!! How was your week?? Well today was CRAZEBALLS and I am just now getting to the newsletter!! After cleaning, running, and working this morning, I did a 100x100 swim with a friend (CHECK IT OUT HERE) and finished with just enough time to eat before heading to coach Severance Middle School swim team which started this week. Got home and had an online Passion Party, ate corn, and here I am! PHEW!!!

This week is my highest running mileage EVER so far in my life while training for my  50 miler AND 7 marathons in 7 states so I am a little more tired than usual and spending a little more time running and swimming (to help my body recover from the running). Here are the details on the  SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES I am offering for your biz or cause. 

I am  grateful I got to swim outdoors a couple times this week, grateful that my body is holding up with my increased running miles, and grateful I get to choose how I spend every moment of my life!!!

Hope you are doing LOTS of things that you love this week!

Happy Hump Day!

See you next week!!
Kirsten :)

PS...If you don't want to get my newsletter, you can unsubscribe at the bottom! No hard feelings ;)
EASY Vegan Meals...

Super Easy Fajitas!
So you may not consider these fajitas, but fajitas are definied as a mexican dish composed of veggies and meat pan-fried and wrapped up in a tortilla. 

Well, these are vegan so there is no meat, but there are veggies!! is my recipe...

Corn Tortillas with as few ingrdients as possible. I am so lucky that these are locally made daily and are just corn, water, and salt!!

Guacamole. You can make your own. I'm way too lazy :) but again, we have some made fresh daily. I get the SPICY guac because I'm wild!

Pico de Gallo. Again, you can make your own or buy it. guessed it, mine is freshly made daily!!

Earth Balance or Olive Oil (I have done both depending on what I have avail).

You can TOTALLY add anything else you want to YOUR fajitas...veggies, corn, beans, rice, salsa, garlic, cilantro, vegan cheese, vegan sour cream, etc. 

To prep...

Turn the stove to medium and put some buuter or oil in a pan. When it heats up, place your first corn tort in the pan, flip after about 30 seconds. 

Continue will all tortillas.

Add ingredients.

Roll up!!



Workout of the Week...STRENGTH!!

Each week I will feature a swim, bike, run, strength, core, or flexibility workout.


Push-Ups are one of the best exercises you can do for your upper body and core. They require no equipment AND functionally work almost all the muscles in your upper body and core...together!!

Here are 2 Push-Up Challenges for you...

Let me know which you are doing and if you want support, join our facebook support group HERE!!
What a Difference a Year Makes...

I was driving home from a massage last week feeling grateful and relaxed, drinking water and chomping on a Two Moms in the Raw Goldenberry Bar (check them out  HERE...they are DELISH) feeling like the luckiest girl in the world because I was living a life I chose and then created.

I quickly flashed back to almost exactly one year ago where I was driving home from a massage with the same therapist feeling hungry and agitated. I stopped at the first grocery store I saw to get some fruit or juice or something and ended up grabbing a dozen donuts. I was going to eat a few and then bring the rest home to my hubby. I ate 11. The only reason I didn't eat 12 is because I was too embarrassed to admit to myself I ate a dozen.

Kirsten McCay-Smith