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Hey everyone! Hope your week ROCKED!!! I did a marathon in Lincoln, NE and it was a SUPER fun weekend with my cousin Jenny. We had a Passion Party, a Kentucky Derby Party (later read how horrible the horses are treated so that was my one and only), went to lunch at Tom+Chee (some restaurant discovered on Shark Tank), and swam at the Downtown Lincoln Y.

The marathon was my 47th and my 22nd state. Here is my race report if you are interested...
Race Report: Lincoln Marathon
Race Report: Lincoln Marathon
Next up is Missouri on June 13th!!

Have the BEST week ever! Share your adventures with me!

Kirsten :)

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Creamy Tomato/Avocado Rice

This is also one of my non-vegan hubby's requests!

2 c brown basmati rice
2 tomatoes
1 large avocado
4 tbsp veganaise 
Pumpkin seeds (for me, hubby doesn't like them)

Cook rice, dice tomatoes and avocado, stir in w veganaise and rice, sprinkle pumpkin seeds on top.

Watch the video here...
Workout of the Week...Bike

Each week I will feature a swim, bike, run, strength, core, or flexibility workout.

I love doing most of my cycling indoors...I have more control over my intensity, speed, endurance, and intervals. Plus I can eat, drink, and pee whenever I need to.

This is one of my fave short rides for getting my HR up.

10 min WU
Sprint 5 sec/spin easy 55 sec
Sprint 10 sec/spin easy 50 sec
Sprint 15 sec/spin easy 45 sec
Keep increasing sprint by 5 sec/decreasing rest by 5 sec until you hit 1 min srpint ALL OUT
Then move back down by 5 sec until your back at the beginning w a 5 sec sprint/55 sec recovery
10 min CD

Total time 40 mins


Reply back with any questions!!!
HELP! Baby Step 1...AGAIN...UGH!!!


HELP! Baby Step 1...AGAIN...UGH!!!

So I have been following Dave Ramsey for about 6 years now and for the dozenth time, I am back to BABY STEP 1! Boo!! I feel like such a failure!


I listen to his podcast daily and he is always talking about making changes and that the only way you will ever win with money is to change your daily spending habits. Obviously I am not getting something. 



Kirsten McCay-Smith