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Hey Everyone!! How was your week?? I did a local 5K in Cheyenne, WY, a Passion Party in Westminster, CO, and all my other spare moments were spent watching past episodes of Grey's Anatomy...I know...embarrasing...guilty pleasure!! I'm luckily on season 10 so I'm almost done PHEW!!!

I am grateful for a new month. I love new beginnings! I know I can begin again anytime, but I operate well with a calendar :)

Hope your June is full of EVERYTHING YOU LOVE!!!

Happy Hump Day!

See you next week!!
Kirsten :)

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My Favorite Vegan Meals...

People are always asking me what I eat and what my favorite meals are, so I wanted to share my top 5 favorite meals.
Workout of the Week...Flexibility

Each week I will feature a swim, bike, run, strength, core, or flexibility workout.

I suck at stretching. It never even crosses my mind to stretch until it's too late and I am sore, tight, or injured. BUT...if I have a program to follow it helps. And this is why I love PiYo. It's a combo of stretching, strength, and core work so I feel like I am getting it ALL in at once. And for those who know me you know I love multi-tasking.

Here is info on the entire program...

Here is a 25 minute PiYo workout for YOU!!

If you love it, here is where to order...

Reply back with any questions. I am not only in love with the program, I am also a certified instructor!!


If you're out of the social media loop, "Throwback Thursday" (or #TBT) is where you post old pics/stories from back in the day so all your new friends can learn more about your old self.


I love #TBT! Partially for the Aqua Net staying power and bad perms, partially for the cut-off acid washed jean shorts (especially on the guys), but mostly because the majority of my friends I have met as an adult and it's fun to learn how they were as kids and teens.


I was thinking this morning how un-interesting my life was growing up. We were poor, latch-key kids whose parents divorced when I was a teen. We let our dogs and cats roam the neighborhood so we constantly had puppies all over the place. I was the oldest so I was the responsible one.


I babysat my sis and bro had a steady job from age 14. I didn't smoke or do drugs and have only drank alcohol a couple times in my life. I was an athlete who made good grades, went to college, got a degree, and then got married...BORING!!


Kirsten McCay-Smith